Canucks at Night: Pettersson Assessment Society


It's not surprisingly the right word to report on Wednesday Elias Pettersson in Ottawa.

Tonight, we'll only see Travis Green's assessment of one-time Elias Pettersson from the media available today, that is the telling the night:

"I think it was not getting it clean in the year. It's a single timer, certainly," said Jeff Paterson.

Pettersson asked me about what he was thinking when he returned to the neutral piece before he succeeded the winner when he met the post.


Got it.

"This is my brother ever, than I've ever been working. Now my brother is living here, who's playing in Vancouver," he said after that.

The Canucks are where he wanted to be.

"I was 5 years old and I had a Vancouver shirt … Google it."


The Society

It's time to start, not it.

Pettersson's Assessment Society would be a PAS. No start. Please let's recommend your favorite name.

It's just going on

It's a scanner that is better than Malkin's and McDavid. Crosby & Ovechkin are just on. (Jeremy Davis named at Canucks Army that the oldest seasons were 05-06, and the first post-locking season when the rulers had gone astray on being Cracking and maintaining and jumping the scoring to levels that we did not see from that.)

This is called a unique talent.

Thank you that he did not have a lasting effect on that conversation.

And on …

Or wait, there is more.

Sadly, we've never seen anything like this before.

The Sedins were good, but they did not know the world's warriors. like rocks. (They may have already had their Canucks already, they had a six-blow without.)

Pavel Bure was exceptionally good as native, showing 36 hours in 65 games (and 24 help). But Pettersson, playing in lower scoring time, Scoring better than a Bureau.

And there is a total bureau Bureau due to He got his top in February 1992. He clarified 22 goals in the last 22 games of the season.

Think about that: Pettersson has found her breastbrow, and it's just January. The season is only a halfway and it is a better-speed play than the great ambition in Canuck's history.

Here is a little train we're going to.

Baertschi plays a single home

When Sven Baertschi came to a Swiss newspaper in November that he was dealing with very tough signs, thought his job was in danger.

He was talking about things such as quality of life. When you're worried about basic things like that, something is drunk.

So, to see him returning to health and her; getting back in the line it was good. When you play athletes, you want to see them at the best. You will feel them when blocking them from going to & # 39; do that.

He had his goal on Wednesday from a place that he is not usually, dead on the summit of war.

I asked me to have a set of objects from the top of the page; war.

"A hang," he said.

"Leotha, I thought I had a lot of room on the front of the net. I did not wake up.

"I was able to stand on my own to turn his photocopy and even after a while.

"Eddie showed me and I think he was surprised that I was alone there."

The Canucks had talked about how important it was to make them work better; get phoned to the web from outside.

Baertschi noted that the Generals, similar to the Devils who did Monday, Play a system that welcomes long receptions. Na Devils, name it, protect it in a row, which means they are n "#; prevent many shots.

"It's very difficult to get through. Sometimes it's a better option to move out of the boards," he said.

Big game Edler

Alex Edler may have lost 14 games as a result of the damage to this season, but he plays some of the best hockey in his career.

He has 19 points in 28 games.

He raised three additional support, including the Baertschi route. He also sprang Boeser on the stream that became the first goal of Pettersson and set up a single Pettersson destination.

"He's a horse, he plays a huge hockey at the moment," said Green about a person who is clearly a defender at the moment.

It is difficult to think that it will solve the non-commercial clause, although the Canucks would be able to; giving a real warrant to offer him a contract to return the next season, maybe it would be.

It would be a helluva trading slip.

Leivo status

Leivo left Pettersson's midway game during the first.

I saw him walking behind her; game, looks very hard.

Green said he was dealing with "high-body" injuries and said he was in doubt for a Thursday game in Montreal.

Leivo, in fact, would return home on Saturday night when the Canucks go. face the Leafs.

His status may also throw a wrinkle into the team's decisions on how he will deal with the branding of Brandon Sutter on Thursday.

As noted elsewhere, trade facts around Nikolay Goldobin and Green have a great deal; He talks strongly about what he wants to get more from the young grandfather before the game, when he was confirmed that he would be the process.

Uaine, by the way, was delighted with Tim Schaller's work on the line against the Senators.

Playoffs? Of course? Here? Still?

That idea was introduced again Tuesday after customs. Erik Gudbranson raised out what "a week does or does not break".

That's why they hope to playoff them.

Green has been asking the idea after her & # 39; game.

There are many things on this page but it has included that his team has to play "meaningful" games down to; part and also monitor its & # 39; A key objective, which is a team building that will be the fastest faster than longer Post-

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