Canvas smokers make more sperm


Men who have been able to smoke a cannabus are in a lifetime that give more sperm to those who have been in a position; smoking ever. This is the incredible result of a Harvard University study also found that there were no differences between older people and current smokers.

a & # 39; chainb today today drugs most unlawful used in France. According to the website The Drug Information ServiceNearly one in three adults have cannabis the oversight and 3.4% of men aged 18 to 64 regularly smoke. Surveys have already been said that cannabis has a negative effect on breeding health (see article below, examined by just 22 people). These experiences often include the use of animals or men who had heavy cannabis.

Here, researchers from Harvard examined 1,143 samples of spurious from 662 men with an average 36 years old in the middle of hospital surgery. These samples were harvested between 2000 and 2017; 317 men also gave a blood sample used to do their own hormone. The participants responded to a questionnaire about their use on cannabis.

Among them, 55% of the partners already had cannabis smoking, 44% of those who had a " Previous Smoking and 11% Still Smoking. In men who had smoked cannabis, the spurious an average of 62.7 million spurious every mL. Compared to those who did not smoke, there were only 45.4 million spam in each sperm. There were no important differences between the previous people (63.5 million / mL) and current smokers (59.5 million / mL).

The use of a central cannabis would not prevent fertility

Depending on the criteria chosen by theWHOSperm must be at least 15 million sperm per ml. at home cannabis smokingonly 5% were lower than the threshold, and 12% of people did not reach 15 million sperm smoke. In addition, among cannabis smokers, the appearance of more intensive use seemed to have higher levels of testosterone. But smokers had lower levels FSH, the hormone that implements spermatogenesis.


Low levels of marijuana use may benefit from making bees

Therefore, those results will be against investigations that are likely to be & # 39; Cannabis has an adverse effect on sperm. How do you interpret it? For Feiby Nassan, the main author of this study published Human Change, The "Our results opposed our initial assumptions. However, they correspond with two different explanations, the first one that low levels of marijuana use could benefit from & # 39; making sea rods as a result of its impact on marijuana. h mph East North Easterly, who is well-known to participate in fertility, but these benefits are losing with higher levels of marijuana usage. "

The researcher also offers another explanation: "It is the same definition that our findings can show that men with higher testosterone levels are likely to be involved in searching ideas, including smoking. marijuana. "

What is remembered

  • Surveys suggest that cannabis has a negative impact on sperm quality.
  • Harvard researchers analyzed sperm from over 600 men in a fatigue clinic.
  • Those on smoking canned were much larger than sperm.

The influence of coffee and cannabis on the quality of sperm

Article by Dr oily Namy published on 20 October 2003

Brazilian scientists' research has shown that coffee is a drink; make sperm faster. These works will be open to the opportunity to use the caffeine in some cures against incapacity.

This study included a & # 39; Checking a sperm quality of 750 men drinking more or less coffee. For this, men were divided into three groups according to their spending. One or three cups a day (small drink), between 4 and 6 cups a day (average drink), more than 6 cups per day (heavy drink).
No difference was made in the form or manner of spermatozoa. In the same way, no changes were made in the level of the sex hormone (testosterone). On the other hand, the potential of sperm men in a heavy alcohol group was significantly larger than the boy had a sperman of people who did not; got a coffee drink.

Scientists suggest that these products may help to make a difference. The development of new caffeine-based remedies to tackle poor sperm.

Impact of cannabis

On the other hand, another study showed that cannabis had a strong negative impact on the quality of sperm and which had a significant impact on human fertility. These results show that cannabis and smoking will reducing the number as well as the number volume of spermatozoa made by men. Other impact was; currently temporary acceleration speed spermatozoa before stopping it completely.

The adverse effects on cannabis through a part of the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that work on receptors on the surface of human spatam. It was also shown that THC could prevent spermatozoaegg. This study has been carried out on 22 men who have canned smoking for a period of 5 years.

Cannabis is likely to affect women's fertility. Probably changing THC stress in their breeding organs.

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