Caos Ghosn: who is in Saikawa, the one with whom everything happened?


We have never betrayed his own, and the one who trusted Carlos Ghosn was the only thing that inspired the investigation to protect the number 1 of the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. Hiroto Saikawa, current leader of Nissan, was indeed part of the guardian of Carlos Ghosn. However, he was the chief leader placed on the ground.

He praised and resigned at an amazing board meeting for the Nissan Thursday meeting, just three days after the scandal that his complaint had started. Saikawa, 65, had been disturbing her & # 39; Business on Monday by adding "the dark side" on the independent rule of Mr Ghosn, based on internal search results and not to # 39; awaiting the results of critical studies. .

"I feel disappointment, misfortune, even hopelessness. Despair and desire," he said, trying to be sad.

In one night, he swept a long relationship of 20 years. Mr Saikawa was knighted in April 2017 by Carlos Ghosn, who then put the group's executive orders focused on his confederation.

"There is a time when you need to give it to someone else. I always said that I wanted Japan to attack me and it has been the years that I am going to do. ; editing Mr Saikawa ", a & # 39; explains the Franco-Lebanese-Brazilian at that time, and show his confidence.

With a falt of fluid, glasses and bad sight, the Japanese manager at Nissan, and joined in 1977, graduated from the prestigious Tokyo University where he studied economics. He then worked in Europe, but most of it started after Carlos Ghosn, who came to Tokyo in 1999 to go straight on to Nissan, just along with French Renault.

Charge of cost

By its side, Hiroto Saikawa has risen through the areas, which has a positive impact on his colleagues with his eyes to cut costs and fix prices with providers. From the United States to Europe, he drew a number of regulatory roles, who was Director of Competitors in 2013. He also sat on the Board of Directors of Renault between 2006 and 2016, and was designated as- Already for his strong at the time of the crisis that took part in the end of 2015, was proven to defend Nissan's devolution against the "threat" of a French state.

In addition to Nissan, Mr Saikawa was chairman of the powerful power of the Japanese soldier's power (JAMA). It is uncertain that its peers show their hard and toughness; Note to detail if we believe in local papers, how to measure a business that differs from other Japanese officials.

These features may have reduced Carlos Ghosn when they choose someone else. But in order to get off, it seems that the racist left, who had been & # 39; Holding a Japanese company for years with iron spills, the area open to overshadowing over the years.

Hara-kiri Media

"Our patience has been tired. Mr Ghosn may have been a great leader, but in terms of human features, I want to say: help ! "Anonymous Nissan manager told the media on Thursday. The gap between the old Japanese business world, the patriarchal willingness and the protection of its staff, the new world, in its name at any price , no impact.

One piece was expressed specifically to Mr Saikawa, who was shaken since he took up the job by detecting fake in a Japanese car study.

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In July, after the launch of a new scannery related to checks on new cars in Nissan factories, Ghosn refused to stop her holiday on a Japanese island to return to headquarters, according to Japanese papers. It would cause a & # 39; formerly an old woman, now at the helm, who had been in the & # 39; great excuse for the media.

This was why Mr Saikawa did not hear. But already in the last few months, while examining the inside of the biggest weakness of serious financial contracts of a strong man, Alliance, Hiroto Saikawa had started on a distance.

"It is our duty to finalize the customs of the past," launched in January in an interesting formula, before taking a public position against Renault.

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