CAP is growing stock with the best performance in the & # 39; stock market to date in 2019 Economy


Thanks to the increase in the first trading stock in Santiago Stock Trading, with 0.80%, the steel CAP was converted into stock of achieve better So far this year in Chile.

In short, a company has increased by more than 23% in 2019, and currently selling $ 7,590, the highest value from March 2018, said Diario Financiero.

In terms of the reasons why this situation is present, the result of iron revenue is more than 5%, and reach it the highest from 2014

As stated, as a result of the terrorist fear of Vale S.A. at the moment, main producer of the materials in the world, after this has been forced to restrict some of the activities in one of the Brazilian ladies.

According to the publication, this would cause "disabling to make an annual" 30 million tonnes ".

Also, this number adds to "a previously mentioned reduction 40 million tonnes after the accident in dam. "

Another factor who thought it was the foreword of a lady in Brazil; in "advancement" through a lot of iron from the end of January, disagreeing as a balance 150 dead and its impact on depression has not yet been clarified.

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