[CẬP NHẬT] VND 264 billion was cleaned: Exankank is in court as a civil solicitor News


Today, the People's Court opened in Ho Chi Minh City. The first test of 6 employees who was a member of the HCM Town Branch of the Commercial Commercial Divisional Bank (Eximbank) Bank on "unreasonable damage to the assets of the state, groups, organizations, enterprises", a & # 39; cause damage to its # 39; bank is more than 264 billion.

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Eximbank will add VND 93 billion to Miss Chu Thi Binh

Six defendants were arrested: Ho Ngoc Thuy (32), Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram (34), Tran Nguyen Xuan Lan (37, the three Consumer Service Representatives) Cao Lan Phuong (38 years ; age, Deputy Head of Customer Service Division), Luong Quoc Anh (32 years old, formerly in Eximbank)
In terms of the case, the accused person Le Nguyen Hung (former vice president of the City HCM Eximbank branch) escape and needed from the CSIT Police Department to make a decision to restore the investigation by the defendant. , when taken, it will be treated later.
According to their prejudice, in the period from 2012 to 2017, Le Nguyen Hung ordered the name of a census accountant to declare an alleged statement called Nguyen Thi Hong Le; False authority for Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Le and Nguyen Dang Phong to raise money from the HCMC Eximbank branch associated with Ms Chu Thi Binh's Ms. Ms. Phi Thi and Ms Le Thi Minh Qui.

At the same time, Le Nguyen Hung reported six offenders, who were responsible for making the power of appeal, making bids for money and withdraw money, but did not carry out their actions . With Eximbank's rules on the remit of the authority, withdrawing money and retailers, this attacked Le Nguyen Hung on the Ho Chi Minh City branch of Eximbank.

With these games, Le Nguyen Hung has attracted more than 264 billion dong in a saving account of Phung Thi Pham, Ms Le Thi Minh Qui and 11 Savings accounts of Chu Thi Binh Ms. stored at Exquank HCMC branch. South Westerly

In particular, the complaint indicated that the accused Ho Ngoc Thuy was uncomfortable by Le Nguyen Hung over 239 billion of Ho Chi Minh City City; Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram is responsible for around 15.4 billion; Nguyen Thi Thi and Nguyen Xuan Lan were responsible for a loss of more than 8.9 billion; Cao Lan Phuong 5, 3 billion and Luong Quoc Anh are over 3 billion.

Exkank will come to the hearing as a civil advocate.

On the same day, the Panel passed by the question. So, six defenders are involved in crime and will only continue with Nguyen Hung.

Present at the test, Ms Th Thin Binh provided so far that Eximbank has not yet paid her more than 245 billion.

Representatives from Eximbank have also passed, the bank is totally damaged to 3 customers. However, the total amount will not be resolved, but awaiting effective court judgments, Eximbank will, achieve

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