Captain Chonthorn, who met Drama for a voiceless interview Try to make a comedy as Sunny (clip)


Previously, young actors, young men, clear faces, Cholathorn, may have seen the truths about a large monsoon and an impossible. Finally, I found Drama again. When the interview was mentioned about love after entering the news conference, the "9×9" concert THE FINAL CONCERT: EN[D] Route at Central Court, 6th Floor, Central World, the previous day, but this event received a non-speech drama. Look very confident What the young captain has interviewed as follows

Captain Chonthorn thanked the statues from Aji @ccaptainch

I found news that there was love in Unlocking
"Huh, he does not restart. Why is it so lively?"

How is love today? Sweet?
"Nothing There Then use their normal life"

Lied still?
"Unlocked And then talk to people"

Recently, we had pictures to walk with friends of women. Do people expect our fans to be?
"Oh, so many female friends. Asked if he was on the picture, he still did not see that we were walking well with her husband, It has grown dramatically by closing the woman We are much better to understand more women. "

At present, the status is empty or does someone speak?
"Did you talk? Talk. I have a speech. I have a conversation … (Smile)"

But did not you use the password?
"I did not use the password. People talk. Everyone needs time to scrutinize each other."

Do you eat and watch movies?
"Indeed, this work is so tired. We do not have much time to go."

Does he understand?
"Do you understand my sweetheart? Ah … (Smiling). Indeed, I chose the person to whom he had to understand some. As I am better than those who understand them Like my In the end, there are many things that I want to do. And we want to go to those destinations It needs people to support them. "

How did he inspire us?
"Friends, encouragement (which means the person we talk to) Is motivated. He understands, who does not understand, can not be live with me. "

Do people need to be older?
"It's not necessary. Just feel that something is going together".

Do you need more screens?
"Indeed, I feel really upset. A sense that we want to know someone, I need to know what I know is that people who have gone through my life like 9×9 friends than we're close to each other's understanding. It takes 3-4 months to talk. Very good "

When you talk to someone, parents must take it to help them; see?
"No, most of it, my parents would believe me. Ask if the parents had asked During this time, I spoke well to my parents. How are parents worried? "

How do we expect?
"What did you expect? As we feel we want more support for ourselves We want to have peace of mind. Beannas. We do not expect what Yes, we just want to have it every minute. Work needs to come first. My life is very diverse. I want to be an artist that everyone is taking I want to be a chef. I have a lot of dreams. "

People who come into our lives need to understand everything?
"We seem to share more. Everyone who comes in, I want to hope for him. We want to hope it well with us."

We expect personal issues to appear?
"I felt that I was not going to show me anything. If so, I felt it was a matter for two people. If I did not change my & # 39; mental What would you like to be open in the future? I do not really stop myself. I feel that I want to do things that are always happier. "

After many web browsers watch the interview clips Many believe that the captain answers the question strongly. And compared to the young hero, Sonny Suwanmethanon tried to make it funny like Sunny But then it was not funny. Some say there is no way to speak without voice

But some people say that if they listen well Then said the word too. Some said they could lose the interview, like talking to friends instead of interviewing people. watch news. The abolition of the house's practice This event was cited, the skipper was full of drama.

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