Captain of the Carabiners tried to dispose of himself with the armor of her service


Captain of the 12th Police Station in San Miguel de Carabineros tried to take his life with her military service within her police unit.

according to Cooperative, The event happened in the bedroom's bedroom. The Military Finance Finance Office is already exploring the event.

Initial information shows that the officer attempted to take his own life after receiving information on their sanctions.

In addition, a woman left a letter in which she told her that she had been severely distressed by the unit's commissioner.

The captain is assessed in the El Arrayán Clinical Psychiatric Unit. Paola Jofré's representative is the responsibility of the examinations.

The draft of Customs officers

Regarding this fact, the Carabiners said that there were no objections from the officer about a case that could be in sexual harassment.

"Until yesterday, there was no complaints from the officer for any particular situation, but she was dealing with an administrative situation that affected her."

The institution also said that the case is being investigated "internally and legally".

Ultimately, Customs officers "reaffirm our promise to more than 12,000 women who carry out our jobs, and who carry out their duties and services professionally and permanently. "

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