With its smallest model of Bavarian makers, this is a & # 39; The first one who drives at & # 39; back, or engine with 6 cylinders.

In spring 2004, BMW released its first module, the E87, which was followed when the second F20 generation fell in 2011. The series is now the eighteenth year, so the time for BMW to come out with a new third generation.

Previously, however, a healing series came from the current module. It's a type B in the M140i Bicycle Preparation Ending in a & # 39; first BMW to drive back wheel and 6 cylinder stores.

Completed Editing, with more than 600,000 forints, is more expensive than the M140i level, with black crystal, dark chrome boundaries, and 18-inch distinctive alloy wheels. The model has a limited range of model limited to LED camera, Adaptive m-chassis, top-start and M Sport and 6-liter turbo-6-syndrome petrol engine.

The 340 power and power of 500 Nm will remove the 0-100 sprint in 4.6 seconds, with an average speed of 250 km / h. In Hungary, the M140i backup HUF 14 million has a basic price at this time, while & # 39; The M140i controller has a multiple purpose with HUF 14.7 million at least. Limit Limit is available in Australia for the first time.

Indeed, the new BMW 1, which is to be launched in a few months, is just one part, its logo is not yet altered compared to the current series. going out. The novel is based on a UKL1 and a company wheel drive, which is the small BMWs and other Minik. Due to the loss of the rear wheel drive and the 6-cylinder engine, and the reduction in driving pleasure, larger size compensation and cabinets and luggage compartments.

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