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With its advantage not to & # 39; Rising prices despite the weather, the traditional taxi services recorded a day of strong Sunday Sunday (25/11) daybreak in Ho Chi Minh City due to heavy rainfall. Talk to him VnExpressNguyen Bao Toan, general vice president of Vinasun, stated that the demand for taxi movements in the evening and afternoon was safeguarded, resulting in the application of petition and wire wires; stretching for service.

There are no detailed statistics, but estimate income in the HCM City market last year was up to 3-4 hours. "It has over 90% of its vehicles in prime times, and drivers who are over sales or damaged vehicles should stop running." In real cases, the insurance sector will be considered, "said Toan.

A fan and swimming on Phan Huy Ich (Tan Binh area) on the 26/11 morning. Photograph: Quynh Tran

Taxi & Swim & # 39; Phan Huy Ich (Tan Binh area) on the 26/11 morning. Photograph: Quynh Tran

The demand for travel has also increased significantly for telephone services through the day to the morning. Many customers show, the GrabBike service is largely "disabled" from 11am to Sunday afternoon, which does not appear. price is really bigger but there are often cars there.

"I can not use GrabBike, I'll switch to GrabCar and I'm still in a position from morning to afternoon, but the price is twice higher than usual. At night, Co-worker of two hours to maintain the car from the county of Binh Thanh, at the same time, my elevators need to wait until 12 noon to call GrabCar, "said Thang Dang, a stay in Area 3.

How was the water going and some roads were dissolved until today (26/11), the need to travel with a car service was a " calling today to exceed the provision. A car that worked at 6h15 from the farm in Tham Luong (Area 12) to Area 1, said Ms. Hong Ha said he had to "useless" with each application.

"I'm calling a motorbike to a car, from Grab to GoViet is not the usual one. And many of the taxi investments are waiting for the room's pay, but in the morning today I do not have a car. I have to wait for a taxi back to the room. I want to take that car, "said Hong Ha.

Road D1, Binh Thanh District, HCMC at 8am on 26/11. Photograph: Van Hieu

Road D1, Binh Thanh District, HCMC at 8am on 26/11. Photograph: Van Hieu

Do not avoid water and wind to 11m to make a decision on the road, Ms. Thanh Huong (Road D1, Binh Thanh District) call Grab but you will not see the driver without going to # 39; built. "Wait for the driver's report to stand, I say he says the flood is and traffic traffic should be sympathetic," said Huong.

Fast Fast CEO, Nguyen Huu Tuat, said the demand for these units had increased three times last Sunday but drivers did not respond enough. In the meantime, answer VnExpressGrab to consolidate the local surface.

"Due to the impact of the storm, we recognize that there are times when applications can not meet the needs and travel needs of customers, without any doubt being an excuse for buy for these problems and we look forward to "Media representatives also thanked the driver and said that the company had paid VND10,000 for each car that the driver would – within his own code for gratitude. now.

In the same way, sales services can not meet the needs of many drivers due to the weather. GrabFood is not a price builder but it's hard to find drivers. There were not many restaurants on the Grab request also saying that the application did not close. At the same time, restaurants that currently have only 4km or less and are tired of waiting.

"Yesterday, our service did not enter the promotion code, its cost of shooting was so high that people were still struggling to end their heads," said Chief Executive delivery service. said anonymously.

It is known at the end of the evening until the early afternoon, mostly with taxi services, car calls and basic food. Users showcase the difficulty of the service gradually. Excessive flooding and volume congestion are still awaited.

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