Carabinero has been discharged in bribery barrier to bribe, drug trafficking and a National fraud


After more than one year of research in which Freirina Local Rescue Office set up a number of monitoring measures, this was the formal formalization of the investigation against the former Carabineros officer's former staff Substation of Huasco.

The officer was dismissed this week, as it is said to be illegal in different crimes, including it seemstrafficking, drugs and fraud, among others.

According to the procurator who was responsible for the examination of each of these incidents, the prosecutor has repeatedly prosecuted crimes protection and provide information related to surveys to two nightcore in this area.

Therefore, it would have allowed them to work outside the established timetable, which was called by the community. For this I would have received money, free alcohol and sexual services of women working in these enclosures.

Depending on what the hearing was aware, the Center's Office also examined how the carer was involved in drug trafficking. This is the relationship created by two accused for this illegal, with whom he maintained a permanent communication through telephone communications.

They would have information on police procedures that were developed in the department to deal with drug trafficking and medicine. In addition, according to the survey, he took over the responsibility of controlling the cautious amount that took hold of houses of those people, He warned of the day and the time that would correspond to your home to confirm compliance with the pre-care.

Other audited crime reports on allegations that have been made against individuals, and # 39; Fundraising different amounts of money with the argument that it would take steps with issues in the legal area to avoid working their reasons for driving with drink. Actions that came to be wrong, and supporting the money of those people.

Finally, the procurator Hernandez says that research is being done for the purchase and sale of beautiful training titles purchased by the defendant from a public subsidy with a State subsidy in Santiago and then sold it to different people in the town.

According to the statement made by the procurator Hernández, these crimes are very difficult and the accused person will be considered a danger to protect security; societies, as a result of its actions that have impacted on public credit, as well as community health from its role in drug trafficking.

For this reason, ask him to do a cautious measure retention Against an application, a request issued by the judge overlooking his / her; supporting the decision by the force of the disasters that the Center's Office presented. It also publishes a 180 day time for closing the search.

This article describes an ongoing legal process

It is possible that the expenses are removed at the end of the investigation, for that reason It should not be considered guilty so that justice can be done. give birth to it.
(Article 04 of the Criminal Procedures Code)

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