Cardi B appeared in court over a fight he played in the New York TV nightclub and Exhibition


The American rapper Cardi B appears Friday in a criminal court in New York, where he was He received two protection orders and warnings to make no threats to social networks, after fighting in a night club.

The 26-year-old man had a coat with a black coat, coolester fur and a wide beige, with bowel-colored hair and a special silver burner, when she received five entries to the Grammy Awards.

Five minutes appeared in the Queens courtroom four days after it appeared for a Monday bid, asking for $ 2,500 trustees to ask for.

But the judge thought it was not necessary, saying he was not an emergency danger.

The star, with a real name Belcalis Almanzar, He left the Court with his lawyer, went through a number of television cameras and photographers waiting outside, and went into the carriage.

The singer was on August 29 at Angels Strip Club, in the New York district of Queens, when one of his team threw furniture against others inside the building, injured a worker who suffered bruises on his legs, according to police.

The rapper, who was more and more famous, was given in a police station in Queens and was who was charged with an aggression crime and two seriously ill-treated.

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