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The prices of gold on the 21/11 day in the world are hanging high because the USA is careful about the economic goals, and Donald Trump does not want a strong dollar. Reservoirs await the US-China campaign before the meeting at the end of the month.

Foreign exchange rate on November 20: Donald Trump unexpected, falling

At the beginning of the 21/11 morning (Vietnam time), prices showed $ 1,223 / oz.

There was gold for delivery in December of Chomex in New York at $ 1,227 per cent.

Today's price of gold is 6.3% lower (USD 81.5 / oz) compared to the end of 2017. The gold price of the world is 33.9 million USD per amount, including taxes and taxes, about 2.8 million dong / lower than rural gold.

Gold prices in the world today are largely suspended by the United States; careful about the economic goals, although Donald Trump does not want a strong dollar. Reservoirs await the US-China campaign before the meeting at the end of the month.

The dollar crashes after the US has given unhealthy economic data to the US and expects to raise levels of such a clear rate as before, It could be slow down on the economic signs.

Today's 21/11 gold prize: America is cautious, affecting the gold
Gold Price Today: Increase the reduction in volume.

The dollar returned and the US stock market fell under pressure and stress pressures, as did the US on the Thanksgiving of the US.

The deer are expected to bring levels of interest to December and the third policy meetings this year. However, anxiety is worried that the road map will be down, it may only be twice in 2019, instead of going to # 39; gives pre-telling three times as it was before.

Richard Clarida, the new place, has expressed a concern about the opportunities for global economic growth, as Fide Dallas chairman Robert Kaplan also expected to slow down in Europe and China.

On the gold market on 20/11, most of the gold stores will go to; 9999 gold shifts in the country 30-50,000 compared to the previous session.

Until the end of November's trading session, the DOJI Jewelry and Gold Group had a VSD Gold SJC recording 36.46 million per person and VND 36.56 million for each sale. SJC Gold Saigon Jewelry Company Record at 36.46 million VND / tael and 36.64 million VND / tael (sold).

According to Doji, market traders have not been significantly attracted by investors, prices have been moved in a narrow edge. The majority of market partners are small-sellers, and most of the gold sales businesses.

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