carelessly, Carmen Barbieri presented a picture of Fede Bal nude


The capochromic wanted to host his days; son after returning his first fèis on the stage but he did not go as he wanted and went away.

Carmen Barbieri live days are very intense. At the end of December the magazine will guide his son ahead Fede Bal and where she is a poster sharing with her old man, Santiago Bal.

Carmen Barbieri, Santiago and Fede Bal remembered their worst moment of life

Apparently, the actor wanted to play the old dancer and his / her; celebrate the growth. But he made the wrong decision.

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Share Barbieri with fans a picture of Federico Bal but forgot to cover its private components. "I love your son, what time," wrote Carmen on Twitter.

The original image did not last a few minutes and when he saw the slip, he had to break it. Then, it was corrected: this trip covered with emoji.

Fede answered the tweet and said after a mistake: "My mother, who damaged me from the day I was born."

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