Carina passed over her pain; in theft, a & # 39; behavior


Wednesday, November 21, 1818 08:20 AM (GMT + 7)

After 30 years, Carina does not get rid of the people who have damaged her.

Face to face a dark case of life

At the end of August, Carina appeared in a conversation with the QQ reporter, who remembered the event calmly 28 years ago when she was suddenly stolen by her. black society and express.

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Carina Lau spoke clearly about capturing the past

Mrs. Leung said she had chosen her peace to face the dark, the hardest world: "I'm sorry for those who have committed the crime against me. I am choosing peace in life."

The 53-year-old star also won, she was fortunate to be "more lost" in this case: "Having been worried about my life, I got a lot more. I am full of an adult, affectionate with my love and friends, my beloved spectators. Life, sometimes the stumble and the pain will smile. "

At the same time, Carina Lau revealed the truth about the incident, saying she did not need it as the media said for many years. She had only stolen, wasted, harassed and filtered again.

"I wanted to meet the four men who were being treated in the past to thank them for not building me. Indeed, they are just follow orders, " Share Liu.

Take hold of the ceremony

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Carina has a beautiful face, a clear screen

Twenty-five years ago, Carina was 25 years old and the clear name of the Hong Kong screen against her handsome and good acting. This is also the time when black-haired social forces, causing so many blackboards to artists in the entertaining industry.

In 1987, Carina became the leader of a third party. Later on, when she became a well-known actress, the Black Sabbaths – a member of the Triads to repay them by adding an adult film with a bare picture of the screen.

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He was stolen, opposed not to accept a 18+ black society film

To indirectly refusal, Carina Lau was always at risk, a terrorist spirit. Initially they were sometimes threatening at any time, anywhere, from the studio to the home or anywhere else. After that, Carina Lau said she had to go awful and awful "I did not lose my sleep, I did not want to open my eyes."

Under pressure, Carina does not change her decision to a sad event on the last day of April 49999. After completing work and driving to Leung's beloved house at 3m, a group of men stole suddenly on Carina and arrested for three hours. They removed their material, attacked it and turned back to the herbal images of Carina, and they sent them home.

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Tony Leung is always standing by Carina Lau as long as she was in a hurry

After these pictures quickly spread in the newspapers, both Hong Kong and an Asian entertainment industry were shaken. Carina Lau fell very sad. Humiliated, her young actress was expecting her deaths.

However, just as Lau has recently been sharing, she is "getting more and more" after this. Mail & # 39; His brother's first fortune at the time – Tony Leung was always alongside to help her overcome the deepest life.

Even during this time, Tony Leung took a lot of filming contracts to stay with her lover: "It's important. Without this film, there are other films. I just think, I need it now."

Her relatives are always there to help her overcome the difficult time: "When I returned home, my mother was cooking and talking to me as usual without mentioning the pain thing. That means I have a good feeling in my house. "

Transfer of pain to be the main Asian star

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As well as its motivated sense, Carina Lau has a Continue to the high level of his career

After a period of emergency due to the gloss, thanks to Tony Leung's great thank you; Caring, caring and always close, Carina Lau has become stronger, even stronger before it happens. stealing terrible.

In 1998, she obtained the Best Actress Award from the Hong Kong Film Festival (Hong Kong) for the film Save yourselfSouth West In 2008, she won the Golden Rooster's Best Actress Award – Chinese Film Award (China) Hieu Kyi Ky Die KySouth West In 2011, she won the best Mass Prize of the Hong Kong Film Prizes as Wu Zetian in the film. Dich Nhan Kiet led by Tsui Hark.

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Tony Leung and Carina Lau have been together for almost 30 years

In private life, although there were many obstacles, winds, but now, after almost 30 years of love and 10 years he became officially a husband and wife, love to couple Lau Gia Lai – Post-Ethnicity There were no children in pairs despite some attempts made.

As well as overall marriages and marriages, Carina is also a cool artist in the & # 39; business. She is one of the richest artists in today's Chinese entertaining industry. She remarkably said: "There's good money for me. You do not have to grab the giants when you can make a lot of money. I have money but I do not sell myself because of that. Sometimes money is The way in which I express myself.

Jade Cbiz is not just overcoming her & # 39; pain to do & # 39; stealing, and behavior - 7

Carina Lau is one of the most successful women in the showbiz

At this time, as well as investment in buildings, Carina Lau is an owner of a series of restaurants, bars, supermarkets in Hong Kong and main cities in China.

So far, it is said that Carina Lau has been very fortunate. She was fortunate to have Tony Leung, fortunate she had to suffer her illness or struggle when the other female stars fell into the place that they were black as Mr. Lam Chiet Anh or Cam Linh S-Iar But, in addition to his fortune, he must also comment on his bravery, an amazing strength that is not like every woman as Carina Lau.

Carina spoke about capturing and her. believed that rape was almost 30 years ago

Leung's wife, Truong Vy, was a candid interview for an event that changed her life for 28 years.

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