Carlos Ghosn de Nissan: From the iconic business icon slippery


PARIS: Excellence and visualization in an automated business, Carlos Ghosn is also a moving position for many people who may have been in a position. helps him to surprise her as leader of the world's best selling company.

Ghosn turned on Renault SA of France and then Nissan Motor Co. Japan, eventually connected in a partnership with Mitsubishi Motor Corp. in the best campaign they are selling.

But as long as he was famous as a business cost cut, he gave himself a stylish, Thanks to the multi-million dollar salary from Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi. Ghosn's wedding in October 2016 was his second wife at Grand Trianon in Versailles, once and then; Marie Antoinette was welcomed, who featured athletes in the 18th century dress, high wedding cake and ducks.

Like the queen, the person once again became a king among business workers in France and Japan has emerged as a star that is in the middle of the world. die.

Ghosn, 64, was arrested on November 19 in Japan for accident reporting of financial reports and his / her. removing property at Nissan Motor Co. Patients say he is suspicious that he describes his income with $ 44 million over five years. He is now sitting in Spartan situations in a conservatory that also holds the custodians of bailiffs and recently suspended as a cultural director of Doomsday Shoko Asahara.

Taxes have not yet been issued and Gosn did not give a public opinion on the case, but the week ended up by Nissan, a unanimous vote, ruled a 19-year ruler as chairman. The agreement of the French Renault board to be held as Chief Executive, length & # 39; There was evidence that could be on the # 39; case, but set up a new name. Mitsubishi Motors board meets Mondays to consider whether to be deferred as chair.

Something is harassed in Japan for bringing Nissan back from breaking bankruptcy but to # 39; frighten the ways it costs. He went out at Nissan by going to # 39; Threads thousands of jobs and their # 39; blocking plants in a country where he could spend a lifetime.

Over forty years, Ghosn incorporated Nissan's corporate culture, empowering women in leadership roles and promoting design and marketing. car. He stopped to pay invaluable masters, known as "sokaiya," "a moving move that meant he needed additional security.

After returning home several times with the chairman of Toyota Motor Corp., Ghosn moved in a country of land; "salary" landlords, even by high companies, who earn mid-salary wages to complete intermediate careers. icon, it's a manga star, or a comic book.

Nissan directors have been accredited by Hope to work hard, listen and manage staff to achieve specific goals. He made a point to show respect for a Japanese culture, Submit in kimono, visit a factory floor and eat neodles at company cafes.

But he spent a lot of time on zipping by private jet through time zones and cultures, featuring high-profile events such as the world's hiding in Davos, Switzerland, the red screen at Cannes Film Festival, an exhibition couture Paris South-

His business acumen and celebrities gave him a star star rating at car shows. But he also caused anxiety within Nissan's levels, one worker, who spoke of a state that she had not been named, said one thing; mentions Gosn as a good leader: precise, communication and even tight with a humorous sense.

Ghosn allegations in the Japanese media, but without confirmation, said that he spent Nissan's assets on special homes in Paris, Beirut, Rio de Janiero and Amsterdam, and family days and other personal expenses.

Nissan's Chief Executive, Hiroto Saikawa, represented suspicious disagreement as a betrayal, saying he had too much power and suffered too much credit for the success of Nissan.

"It's hard to put in words, but I feel much longer than a disagreement with disobedience," Saikawa told the storyteller of the evening after arresting Suspension .

He was born in Brazil, where his grandfather, Lebanon's grandfather, was fortunate, Ghosn returned to Beirut as a child. Christian Maronite, he was educated hard by Isabella, and went on to France and highlights at Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Mines.

He got a source in the auto business with tires. By the mid-20s, Ghosn was running a Michelin factory in central France before working on the South American business in Brazil. He was Chief Executive of Michelin's work in North American, based in the US, before moving to Renault SA.

In 2006, Britain promoted him honor.

With Lebanon, who was very proud of his success, he put a memo stamp with his last year's appearance. In France, where the government is interested in Renault, it has often met the main directors.

Ghosn has long believed in the success of his multidisciplinary origins and a permanent identity “ outside of which he allowed him to do; broken by his mythology: & # 39; It is an autobiography, one of its books in 2003 entitled `Citoyen du Monde, 'and' & # 39; Citizens of the World. & # 39; & # 39;

"It helps to come outside because people are not seen as anyone involved in making previous decisions," said Ghosn in the 2005 interview with The Associated Press. “ It's a & # 39; help when the company is in crisis. & # 39; & # 39;

Given the limited number of information shown as the Attorney General and his / her Attorney General; decide whether he should be convicted, some think that the scanning is to come from a railroad between Renault and Nissan: the French media has been suggested to have been arrested as a result on Saikawa.

The French government has expressed a big deal about the future of the Renault-Nissan, which it wants to deepen.

These relatives were obvious at a soiree that was thrown down by a French ambassador to Japan in Tokyo's night arrest. Renault Louis Schweitzer, the former president of Ghosn to Tokyo, said in 1999 to save Sissar, among those who were present, saying that Nikkei's financial journalist who was present at the event.

The Champagne glasses were surrendered but a great deal went down, he said.

With its Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi company, Buying a retail business, it would be difficult if the scanned display appears to be & # 39; Gosn's legacy of diversity and accuracy influences Janet Lewis, head of command and head of Asia on industrial research at the Macquarie Capital Calpets in Tokyo.

"He did things that were really hard for someone to do inside," she said. "Due to a wide range of Nissan management teams, which I really appreciate, I think it has worked well with bringing people from different places working together. & # 39; & # 39;

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