Carlos Ghosn .. suffering from Franco – Japanese politics and secret pole International News


A day after the day, a hidden pole will be published behind the story of the story in the car world, a businessman Carlos Ghosn, to be arrested, incredibly beyond the cost of his & # 39; given to solve financial documents to reach political conflict boundaries and a conversation between the two countries: Japan and France!

The French Chancellor of the State Bruno Lemerre translates himself and asked to examine the tax court, saying the investigation "he did not show anything in particular about the tax status." He encouraged Paris to refuse to abolish the French "Renault" company, in particular that Ghosn is a friend of President Macaron due to the importance of the French business world.

This does not belong to Japan, as a board of directors to & # 39; Nissan-Japan company to vote for the official remoteness of Ghosn from the head of the Council.

According to the information, it is expected that they will meet today in Paris with the French Finance Minister and the Japanese Business Minister to stand at arresting Gosn, which is of great importance not – the partnership between the & # 39; Alliance, "Nissan – Renault" but also the important relationship between the two countries.

Many situations and statements about Iran

There were many situations about real dimensions in captivity, and some believe that Gosn is a reports on last year that Renault would be holding his presence in Iran, despite the dangers of US sanctions: "We will not even spend it if we need To reduce our size strongly," to request a hard American response.

The situation of Iranian Warrants does not come alone, but it does not come into the context of a European and French decision to establish a commercial device to continue their work in Iran, regardless of the sanctions of the US.

Get rid of the Renault handle

However, the closest situation is true that Nissan means that; trying to take advantage of the removal of Carlos Ghosn from the horizon as an opportunity to balance the Renault Alliance for its benefit, according to a report in the Financial Times.

Although Nissan expands its annual income with around 60 per cent from Renault, the French group has been able to increase its sales. using more control within their affiliates, and # 39; including the right to make some senior positions in their partner management team.

One of Nissan's close partners said he was a "downside" because Nissan-Renault-Mitsubichi enemy power was surrounded by the hands of nobody, Carlos Ghosn. With this factor in place, Both sides could start new negotiations regarding the structure of their affiliates in the "clean list", according to the opinion of a Japanese government official.

"Nissan – Renault – Mitsubishi" in one company

The other concept, which was like the straw that broke behind, was reported on; cellular, in the media of intent. Moving to fully embedded attack into the union to one company. The current structure supports Renault, which is a. maintains 43% in Nissan and thus has voting rights, compared to a 15% stake that does not control its & # 39; French group.

Nissan's proposed unity represented weak representation on the table, reducing its opportunities, strongly opposed by the company, especially because the French government has 15% of Renault and have double voting rights.

Nissan's strategy is to restore some of its independence by doing it. shows strong personality, compared to Nissan Hiroko Saikawa, who is expected to be appointed as interim president.

With the strengthening of Saikawa's Japanese President, Nissan attempts to link links with the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, who has been weak under the President of Libanus, Ghosn, who has challenged traditional Japanese customs.

As part of the agreed plan, its consolidation will send its savings from 5 billion euros in 2016 to more than 10 billion euros by 2022, which can not be done without deep connection. Is the three-party alliance cast out at the cost of freedom of Carlos Ghosn?

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