Carlos Ghosn will be removed as Chair of Mitsubishi Motors


TOKYO – Carlos Ghosn, one of the most powerful directors of the equipment industry, lost another Monday title when the board removed Mitsubishi Motors as chairman, a week after he was arrested in Tokyo with suspicion of misconduct financially.

Mr Ghosn, who was chaired by Nissan's last week in a unanimous vote of his mail, stay in the Tokyo conservation center, where he can see his solicitor for about an hour or a day. He is questioned by prosecutors after Nissan has said he has reported his income to Japanese rulers over several years. He has not been accused of any crime.

In Monday's report, Osamu Masuko, Mitsubishi's chief executive, said the board had removed Mr Ghosn because he lost Nissan's trust and failed to fulfill his duties as chairman and production director. "

Mr Masuko said if Mr Ghosn was still chairman, Mitsubishi could show himself to "danger of reputation."

Mr Ghosn was not allowed to see any family members, although the French Ambassador and the consulate of Brazil visited him. Mr Ghosn maintains French citizenship and Brazil.

His solicitor did not return to Japan, Motonari Otsuru, his call for ideas. Former prosecutors have referred to the questioning process, in which the observers are not allowed to have their solicitor to attend questioning.

Some critics have questioned how Mr Ghosn was held. Speaking to the reporters of the Swedish Foreign Writers Club on Monday, the complainant, Nobuo Gohara, described the prosecutor's office in Tokyo as "very bad and dangerous."

"We would like to think that it would be normal," said Mr Gohara. "But in this case, I feel they have not been cautious."

Mr Gohara expressed concern that prosecutors had not met enough evidence to support them.

The story about Mr Ghosn's capture and capture of business communities in Japan and France, where Renault, the largest stakeholder at Nissan, has an internal audit of Mr Ghosn's money This week, Bruno Le Maire, minister of the French economy, said Sunday Sunday The French department has 15 per cent of Renault.

Mr Le Maire stated that Nissan was not yet to provide information on the problems raised by Mr Ghosn with the French government and Renault, where Mr Ghosn is still the chairman and president. "We do not know," said Mr Le Maire to BFM television.

The Renault and Nissan operators are planning to gather a collection in Amsterdam for a normal operational meeting. Although the meeting had been recorded before the arrest of Mr Ghosn, they are likely to be arrested. Talk about the event of the union.

The Japanese newspapers said that Hiroto Saikawa, chief executive of Nissan, told staff in a Monday morning meeting that he wanted to review the Renault Alliance, which has 43 per cent of Nissan, because it is not "equal". According to news reports, he told staff that he wanted his / her partnership to be show better "Will of Nissan."

At a news conference at the Nissan headquarters on November 19, Mr Gosn's arrest was arrested, Mr Saikawa told reporters that he had been thinking about Nissan's corporate governance and in the "how can he stress Mr Ghosn's power."

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