Carlos Guzmán suffers a tibia break in Tigres-Necaxa


Monterrey, Nuevo León / /

Bad news in the camp Necaxa, good as well as the 3-2 case against Tigers In the volcano, the hydro hydrochloric club reported that it was protected Carlos Guzmán He has suffered a break in Tibia on his left leg, so he has to go through a surgery.

"Carlos Guzmán Fonseca received an incomplete breach of Tibia in his left leg during a day 7 day against Tigers in the University Park.

"The player run on Tomorrow, in Monterrey, he will move to Aguascalientes then to start the revival work, "said the hydro-electric team in a statement.

The player had to change it at minute 72 and was immediately moved in an ambulance hospital to the Sultana del Norte hospital.

"Believe me when I tell you that What's my name, the heart is far beyond Tibetan, what kills you makes you stronger and you will return like this, with more strength and with the same goals. Tag, I'll go to #FuerzaRayos, "Guzmán sent on his Twitter account.

Guzman He played six of the seven games that played the Rays in the town End of 2019 with your help and account.

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