Carlos Heller: The playground for the U is a commitment and I'm going to meet


President Blue Blue, Carlos Heller, He stated that his institution was a great desire to buy mark stadium for Universidad de Chile and he expects to leave his position just when it is done.

For the director, in contact with Third, the way to manage must be & # 39; This club has to be larger to the end with its & # 39; heart ", and he also said "People do not know how many problems you need to guide this center."

In that line, the businessman said that he was losing money in the U and also thought he was "unconscious" in his position, However, "the team is losing, it's your own crime and they'll catch you with scratches. in every place and in addition I lost money."

For that reason, he said he is still in the club as "I have a commitment and I will achieve it: stadium for the U.. It is not easy (…) Sorley, I'm carrying it out and there, maybe I go with the blade that was built. And perhaps with the Libertadores Cup. "

"We're going to keep working quietly, because every time I talk, the world is overcoming me and I am Starting to run around, I see the stars much more consistent with what I had before, I do not want to inspire people, but I hope that good I'm good news ", a decision on the topic.

Similarly, Heller addressed other issues in the blue presence as he maintained that he was responsible for the bad team of the 2018, saying that Ronald Fuentes was in his position as a sports manager due to "disappointment", recognizing that the situation was affected. of Mauricio Pinilla, who is "maybe he should have spoken", and that the floor for Frank Kudelka will continue, at least, to a certain extent; Group of Copa Libertadores and fighting against the & # 39; tour.

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