Carlos Tevez "helped" Boca fear from police hands – International Football


Carlos Tevez

The idol of the xeneizes & # 39; translate so that a fan can not be stopped after he gets to the court in the great training that he / she will do; happening in La Bombonera. TVN


A special icon was recorded Thursday here The Bombonera during the course of training Boca Juniors stadium full of face to superfinal Cup Libertadores before River Plate.

All this happened as the players played. Training to make a trip, when it was the fan got into court and was stopped by police immediately.

While the agents were & # 39; striking the giant, Carlos Tevez appeared to be the "rescue" of the supporter and even invited to welcome other members of the Boca site.

Also, the Apache & # 39; gave him a polerón, who responded to the player in response.


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