Carry out an activity survey in the 60th anniversary of Cuban rebels invited by Municipality of Valparaíso | National


He gave his darts to the Municipality of Valparaiso, but especially to the Jorge Sharp high priest, that Senator Francisco Chahuán, after learning about the work that is happening in the building on Monday to go to. celebrate 60 years of Cuban rebirth.

The parliament used its Twitter account to make its signatures, and # 39; describes the event as a "Total inconsistency".

"Again Sharp uses the resources and dependence of the Valparaíso Township, not to engage with the Porteños, for political activities, and to confirm the breach of human rights in Cuba," said Chahuán, a & # 39; link the profile of the invitation to the meeting.

"We have 60 years of dignity and loyalty that we want to be celebrated by us," said the invitation, among others, with Ambasas Cuba and Cuban José Martí's relatives of Valparaiso.

On the other hand, from the town of Buenos Aires they referred to the grandfather's submissions, saying that "instead He was asked by neighbors and local authorities. The town is open to those who wish to use it. This has been happening in the two years of our local government and that's how it will continue. "

In the same line, they say that the town has met with representatives from "over 20 countries and states, representatives from large business and social movements and we will continue to do so in the understanding that co-operation will be done; town with other countries and people giving us more benefit to Valparaíso residents. "

Indeed, the Buenos Aires town hall's response is not consistent with those shown by Francisco Chahuán, from which the invitation in the name of Municipality of Valparaíso, is in touch with the organizations that are on name.

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