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The second day of the meeting was swim internationally in Kranj with a Saturday commentary. Tjaša Vozel from Kranjska Zvezda has again blocked the World Cup standard in China, and the best one made by Maribor's young woman, Katja Fain.

Vozlova won the 100m frankly convinced, with 1: 06,63, just just half of its losses to its own national record, just a few hundred less than the rate for its trip to December SP in Hangzhou.

"I'm glad I came out, because I wanted to swim first at 1:07. Was the norm possible, I do not know. I really enjoyed 34.7 and swim in the Another 50 meters, and I should start a little faster for the way to China, "said Olympia Olbia who has been living and waiting for her. training for Kranj for nearly ten years. Today, Vozlova also won 100 m.

Katja Fain bought a 100m and 400m volunteer file before going to Asia. The Ravine Fužinar swimmers had to do so with good results too. The free 400m was left back with the Olympiad Tjaša Oder and Janja Šegel. Fainova 4: 05.93 at this pace gave the output of the day and again declared the status of its International Federation of Swimmers for the SP. At a distance of 100 meters, Segel's connection was up to 20 meters last when Styria confirmed it was faster.

Katja Fain is waiting for her & # 39; her first time at the World Championship.

Katja Fain is waiting for her & # 39; her first time at the World Championship.
Photograph: STA

"I'm really happy with the first winter of the season. I've been swimming enough of personal records. Now I'm waiting for a & # 39 first world-wide tournament and in the first place I want personal records there, "said a Maribor young swimmer who has the highest goals at 400 and 800 meters West – –

Odessa participated in the usage and won 200 meters back, and 50 meters back, Celjanka Anemari Košak is the best thing.

In male competition, without Peter John Stevens, Gal Kordež, Matija Može and Marcel Primožič have now come to the best. However, one of Lovro Knez's new wild recordings can not abandon a mixed and 100m chain of its team from Fužinar Jaš Berložnik mixed 400m, which was also close to 200 m dolphin. It's the best Piran's Primožič unique output from 3: 51.37 to 400 m cheap-style.

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