Cars avoid a cycling ride by a motorcycle by a & # 39; going slowly


The video shows a person who; riding a motorcycle that carries a boy in the driver's seat after a sudden stop, and so he's falling off the road. Fortunately, the driver is behind the car to the # 39; pull down, so the brakes. The event took place on 20/11 in Minh Khai street (Hanoi).

Car drivers will avoid the disaster due to slow travel

Previously on November 19, there was water, young men who ride a motorcycle can not control the control of a controller; steering wheel that fell in the middle of the road. A car accident was hit by a dead illness when it hit it.

Almost the driver did not meet

When you travel in a city-wide city, the cars are often going to go on. move close, without keeping the safe distance. The driver should take the initiative forward to slower to break up when there is a problem.

Phuc Loc

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