Cars load broken limbs, wheels with walkers


Cars loading broken arrows, wheels taking walkers - 1

The lorry that was moving was broken, causing the wheel to fall, hit the motorbike (near: Photo: CTV).

On the afternoon of the 12th of March, Mr Duong Minh Thanh – Chief Executive of Ha Giang City (Ha Haiang division), claimed that there was a small motorcycle driver in the area who had a road traffic accident.

Previously, around 8m on the same day, trucks with the drivers of Hoang Van Tuc (37 years of age Xi Man, Ha Giang) carried a nitrogen nutrient moving on the 4C Highway, from the Bac Quang area. Ha Giang) went to the ward of Quang Trung, town of Hà Giang.

As they moved to the nearby Quang Trung Primary School (Quang Trung Ward), the lorry broke out suddenly, leaving the back wheel, leaving the wheel, hitting the wheel t a motorcycle controlled by anyone (unknown). the identity will be circulating nearby.

As a result, the person driving the motor with the motor was slightly injured. The motorbike was damaged slightly and the lorry in the middle of the road made it difficult for vehicles to travel through this area.

“Luckily, although the incident happened near the school, the students went into class. The man traveling on a motorcycle was only wounded, so he left the site just after that, "Mr Thanh said."

Nguyen Truong

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