Carsning Lightning McQueen will be attending a solo show at Hollywood Studios


Disney's parks may be preparing for the opening of Star Wars: Edge Galaxy, but there are still other attractions on the way.

Modern Lightning McQueen will join her at the Disney Hollywood Studio in Orlando on 31 March. They are Lightning McQueen Academy of Rifle. The interactive exhibition invites visitors to a park to talk to the king about his own races.

Just like current Monsters, Inc. Floran Laugh will be in Tomorrowland and Turtle in the Disney World with Crush in many parks of Disney, Lightning McQueen Academy's allowing guests to interact with her character. Other attractions include talking actors, who are handled through digital puppets – using dynamic digital figures in real time.

While other carriages such as the Motor – Mater, Sally, and Cruz Ramirez films have appeared on the screens during the exhibition, Lightning will be in the shape of a physical car.

The Cars, at the Adventure Trail in Anaheim, now have cars and carriages which meet and meet the cars, but this is the first major refurbishment in Hollywood Studios.

Not just Star Wars: Edge Galaxy is open to open in Hollywood studio on Aug. 29 – but the new lullaby could sweep small little before they can lift their own lights. Lightning McQueen Academy is the first of the new attractions to come to Hollywood Studios, part of the move from studio pulling to attractions with Disney buildings such as Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel.

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