Carson Piranha Plant? Super Smash Bros. creator Ultimate, Masahiro Sakurai, tells him his reasons behind the Baddie Mario's basic


& # 39; If we do not & # 39; Use a type of ordinary heroine / heroine in the line … it might not be very interesting & # 39;

First thing to do; Most people could have when they saw that Piranha Plant would have a " join the Super Smash Bros. DLC bonus pre-order, "wait, indeed?"

Not only is there a place for such a character, (there are more than 70 characters in the current timetable, including each person who plays All previous converters are involved and there are more DLCs on the way) but with as many options as possible, fans will jump up and down at the their screen, one of them must ask why the developers called this call.

Surely it's not Piranha's planning dona calling, because ill-suffering is from the most recognized legitimate in the playing world and maybe he is older than his / her; Most of the Super Smash Bros. community.

It is a real cause that Piranha Plant is a real recognition of the # 39; get on the line. The creator sat down the Masahiro Sakurai series to talk to Game Informer about everything, and gave a moment to give a specific reference to the Piranha theme.

& # 39;[U]embarrassing some of the main characters from some rights (not known), Piranha Plant is a character that everyone knows well. And, I want to make sure that it reminds everyone that it is a limited offer fighter; Everyone who gets free as an early purchase vote. "

Sakurai is turning attention to some "left-wing" stones which seemed a bit surprising when they first appeared, but since then they are home-names in the & # 39; Smash permit.

"Instead, I believe it is important that there is a good balance as a game. In the last few centuries, Mr Game & Watch, ROB and Dog Hunt Duck were some of the – Examples we gave beyond what people thought.

"However, if we do not have the types of our campaigners, and we did not use a kind of heroes and heroine / heroine in the series, It's probably not very interesting. Correct? "

There were also some head scraps for choosing to include Piranha Plant as the last large roster has been; appear before the game is spread. It seems that it is more suited to be converted by other battles that would give him more opportunities, but something about Sakurai has also been said.

"I do not pay too much emphasis on the fascinating element when we introduce a new warrior," he said after asking him about how he was going to do so. ask it to keep browsers a & # 39; criticize with information. "The incredible element will continue to be made when the announcement is made."

We have already been fighting more times than we want to go to; Counted by Smash Ultimate, and we still have a "#; awaiting 7 December so we can play it. Even with the fascinating content we know, we still have a & # 39; Looking forward to the series of DLC exposures by 2020.

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