Case Ciccone II: Ricardo Echegaray and banker Jorge Brito – 12/12/2018


Four months after Amado Boudou and his companions were convicted of buying the old Cycone printing and printing for tickets, Judge Ariel Lijo took place this Friday in case called Ciccone II, exploring the way of money used to make funding. The lawmaster Proposed for authority misuse former leader of the AFIP Ricardo Echegaray, to cover fiscal irregularities and its & # 39; funding the move that was in charge of the former president of prison. To Jorge Brito's banker, to the former director of Banco Macro, to Máximo Lanusse and to the former owner of the Mint, Katya Daura Lijo bought them as Essential partners of incompatible negotiations with its public activity.

In the first part of the case, the oral test finished in August with a 5 year sentence and 10 months imprisoned for the former president. Previously, the former leader of councilors to Echegaray at AFIP, Rafael Resnick Brenner, was also convicted. However, the hearings made clear that the fiscal movement could not be possible for the benefits of Boudou and his friends had to happen without the intervention or at least the owner of the entity that was collecting.

Judge Lijo said the old Ciccone was going to Nuñez Carmona through Vandenbroele, owned by the Old Fund (owner of 70% of the previous divisions). The only company that was able to print tickets, and for Justice "was the hands of former former President."

The aim of the work is "a contract with the State ticket printing and official documents". It was not only that he was a & # 39; the publication of the ballot papers in 2011, but in April 2012, Cristina's government was recruited Ciccone for printing bills of 160 million pounds, for a cost of $ 140 million.

In order to complete the movement of the move, this file was initiated which examined the way of the money that was installed for a & # 39; rescue and the implementation of the old Calcograph. The judge agrees three stages: raising his / her; break; abolition of the property and the written regulation and contracting of Ex Ciccone with the State.

The reason was slow after the conversion that took place a year ago with the declaration as "regret" on who was an ideologist of the groups that were associated with the former name Alejandro Paul Vandenbroele. The judge gave his thoughts to him. He analyzed the documents and included the distribution of the money that was submitted to get the old intaglio.

Justice supported the negotiations; Previously allowing "legal agreement" between Boudou and Núñez Carmona "to build a bankruptcy, and provide a plan of resources to pay off their debts ( the printing) with the AFIP and the National State employing ".

Then it was discovered that Boudou, Núñez Carmona and Vandenbroele had been translated into a business related to the Formosa major public debt reorganization. This work was done by The Old Fund (TOF), which was subsequently used for the purchase of Ciccone, Lijo said.

At the editing level, Lijo was dependent on an expert's opinion where it was not possible to write; shows that the money funding from Raúl Moneta has come from Jorge Brito, but it is confirmed, at least Jorge Brito's intervention in the company's management level through Pablo Lanusse (former director of TOF) and Francisco Sguera in the things that would seem to help her personal nature for her friendship; to Amado Boudou na for an institution ", Confirm the resolution.

The work was a key link to the AFIP. The CEO is on the AFIP, expressed by the illegal support of his complaint to get Ciccone – already in the hands of TOF – a special complaint for his millionaire debt paid to the State. The master concluded that he was responsible for Echegaray for "changing the situation in order to dispose of the AFIP for the construction of a Ciccone Calcográfica breakdown, two days without justification."

The power of the Federal Controller was not debated for the granting of a disproportionate or unlimited power, "what Echegaray could do properly to change the nature of surrender which was given, in a short time, without further promotion of the request from the non-classified company without any type of specification or any details of how it was going to clear its debts to the unit that was & # 39; collection ".

Jorge Enrique Capirone was moved as part of the movement; Sergio Martínez; Katya Daura; Francisco Sguera; as partners in unreasonable compromise crime.

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