Case Malina: The Office of the Finance Office is the case


The case of Malina has been slowing up since 2006.

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Bratislava. The case of Hedvigy Malinova Žáková, one of the worst issues of Robert Kaliňák's published interior, was closed by the Prosecution Office of Hungary after twelve years.

The Gyori District Center's Office has stopped the business against the former student, who has been opposed to his / her; Police on 24 October this year.

Új Szó said every day.

Slave Police Malinova who was prosecuted in 2006 after two young men met on the road to the school in Nitra to speak Hungarian.

The event was held on Smer's side with HZDS and the Nationalist CIS, led by Jan Slot and anti-Hungarian behavior.

Investigating the attack made by the student, the police had stopped after two weeks with the statement that the action did not happen and Malinova created it. She asked her to give her a hard certificate.

At the memorial media conference, Minister Kaliňák announced the research findings and gave strong evidence. He later explained the student as a well-known leopard.

The closure of the case was delayed by the General Finance Office, led by Dobroslav Trnka. On request from Malin, who had moved to the interim Hungary, his case passed in January 2017 to the inspection authorities.

The Office of Public Representative of Hungary has now decided that it is not possible to further confirm the available information and evidence that Malina has given off the offense for making a complaint.

The case is legally completed. Treasurer Katalin Zsuzsanna Gál stated that only the person involved was against his decision.

According to the daily day, Malina herself said she did not speak.

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