Case of Ciccone: Brito and Echegaray's banker are processed


The federal judge

Ariel Lijo

He opposed his Jorge Brito and CEO leader of the AFIP

Ricardo Echegaray

By considering them involved in corruption related to jobs

Loved Boudou

to keep the printout activities


Calcograph, who will make paper money.

So the master confirmed the certification of regret

Alejandro Vandenbroele

said he was a year ago, behind the movement of Ciccone, the Briton banker, the person who paid his solicitor's fees for a year.

Brito, allegedly Vandenbroele, was behind his move and bass; He is the one who funded his business. The money to kick out Ciccone was first built from the hands of Raul Moneta, in the name Brito, as he said to Vandenbroele

José María Núñez Carmona,

partner and friend


. Lijo said that it was not possible to show that the money that came from Moneta out of Brito, however, found that the intermediaries were in the control of Ciccone.

Echegaray, largely, was prepared because the judge did not; Understanding that he was active so Boudou could get a Ciccone-free bankruptcy order, live with 70% of the company's activities.

Criminal Court Offended No. 4 sentences to Vice President Boudou for five years and ten months imprisoned on 7 August, for crimes of conversations that are not consistent with the civil service and fraudulent and left in prison. The old officer is still held in the prison of Ezeiza, after his defense efforts that he has returned his freedom to reach the final destination. Together, his friend and friend José María Nuñez Carmona, will be a jail sentence and six months imprisonment. The sentence was sent by the judges Pablo Bertuzzi, Néstor Costabel and María Gabriela López Iñiguez.

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