Casey Anthony's father left her injured & unsatisfactory & # 39; after an accident in Florida, saying that officials say


Casey Anthony's father said that she had been killed in 2011 because she had killed her young daughter in a tough case, injured "inaccessible" after throwing his car on Saturday Saturday, national in Florida, officials said.

George Anthony was driving his wife Cindy Anthony's Toyota 4Runner on Interstate 4 in Daytona Beach when he ran from the right shoulder and tried to reduce him back before he lost control of her & # 39; vehicle, FOX35 Orlando said. The vehicle was taken back several times before it stopped to stop the middle shoulder, said the Florida Highway Patrol.

George was taken to hospital in a bad state.

It is not clear why George sent his vehicle away from the road. The only man in the & # 39; during the crash and said to the officers who do not remember the incident before an accident, according to the Florida Traffic accident report. No one else was injured.

George and Cindy Anthony headed in 2008 when their grandson, Caylee Anthony, was lost. Cindy reported that the 2-year-old girl was missing in June 2008, reporting a month after seeing the baby last year.


Their daughter, Casey, was then arrested on child neglect costs. She told him the police at the time her baby had a baby. The Caylee solution was found in a woodland area near the family home on December 11, 2008.

Following the 2011 test, the prosecutors confirmed that Casey, the chief one was very suspicious, was courageous – but they could not prove to the jury that she was a murderer. The government failed to establish how Caylee died, and did not; They could get their mother's DNA on the duct tape they were saying to use her clothes. Casey also said that her daughter was drowned on the day she left.

After a month-to-month trial, the jury took less than 11 hours to find Casey without being guilty of a murder of a first degree, infamous abuse and child abuse.

He was convicted of four counts of policing to the police – although two counts were released. She was three years imprisoned when she was waiting for a test.

In the 2017 documentary series "Casey Anthony: a man of American murders," said George that he thought he was "a bull of his grandfather" s event; there, "said the United States today.

"I do not believe it [the drowning]"That's a cup of bulls for me," he said in the series. " It's too easy to bring up a story if that happens, I think that at least my daughter would have the general or most common sense of mind for phoning to 911 and say something. "

George said he is no longer connected to his daughter, Believing it should be "behind bars and she is suffering like … Caylee was suffering."

"I hope she will do something better to him. Will I ever talk to my daughter again? No. We've done it because when this happens all, I lost my daughter and my grandson. I lost both, "He said.

Fox News Kathleen Joyce added this report.

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