«Cash»: an additional 99 billion in the balance of goods and services. And 16,000 new funding funding


SAMA was issuing more than the current census balance of SR 71.2 billion during the second quarter of this year to more than SR 99 billion in the freight of goods and services compared to SR 4.2 billion during the same period of 2017. Current balance of accounts in & # 39; Fourth One third of the year last year, about 20 billion compensation parties.

In a recent report called Banking and Banking Developments during the third quarter of this year, its company had a " goods export at 282 billion guarantees in the second quarter compared to 189 billion guarantees in the same period last year. The center continued to maintain a weekly level of subscription of local bundles in licenses; company with 3 billion hospitals during the third quarter to maintain a weekly basis. Average comparison rates on local bank investments rise for three months to 2.6%

South Westerly

The stock market index decreased by 3.8% to 7,999 points in the third quarter. An index of 1,436 billion rolls of banks increased by 1.4%, and total assets rose in the 1892 billion Rls. The total asset of investment funds managed by investment companies into 117 billion rebuked 1% accruals, with the number of supporters up to 16,000 to 320,000 in total. All the money was to fund money through the SARIE system to SR 184 billion after a decline in the total value of jobs by 5.7%.

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