Cast: CAST and Software Heritage partnership to find the world's largest software source code


Paris, March 21, 2019

CAST, who directs software information, and Software Heritage, the general source code, nominated a major partnership today to create a menu for source original software stock t world's biggest. Unrivaled software software alerts will pose software risks to software licensing.

Using unique indexing technology developed as part of this partnership, users will be able to effectively upload Software Software to the first time when a file is filed. to give away a source, as well as the other events that emerge. This provides a unique understanding of the evolution of software development.

Once attached Identify CASTThis index will identify a third-party source code in over five billion of identified well source files, allowing access to an external source code of vulnerability and security. dangers of licensing.

" The lack of software information in version and open source licensing is circulating to many companies that there is a risk that they will lose intellectual property rights, as most staff are unaware that they are open to risks like that Vincent Deacon, founder and Chief Executive of CAST, said. " Entrepreneurs need to be aware that open sources and other components outside the code promote their organization into non-compliance, departure or loss of property.. "

CAST has an ongoing partnership with Software Heritage in 2018 of Antelink, the company involved in the SCA.Software Software Analysis), and all the patents connected with the Inria Research Institute. These patents will be used as part of the outcome code index partnership.

Software Heritage is a not-for-profit initiative created as a general archive of software software code. It is supported by Microsoft, Intel, Google, GitHub, as well as large companies such as Societe Generale, universities, and the public sector. Already with a more than 5.6 billion file files from more than 88 million projects, including Debian, GitHub, GitLab, Gitorious, GoogleCode, GNU, Python Package Index and more, Heritage Software's unique archive includes find out more about the history of the revision of all the existing code.

" Through a partnership with Software Heritage, we are creating the third party licensing and security management solution and automated suite of products across the world Olivier Bonsignour, Acting Vice-President on CAST R & D. The software information created by a unique and patented engineering technology will provide a real-time visual backdrop for components that are disappearing or vulnerable and need to be software for pushing software operations and security. "

Roberto Di Cosmo, the founder and director of Software Heritage, said: " We are delighted to welcome CAST to our partners to join us in our efforts to collect, structure and preserve the valuable experience of the founding constitution. And make accessible as far as possible. CAST shares our vision, and together we are building an effective product catalog on the Software Heritage archive to better understand the software design process and prepare for improved software development. "

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About CAST: CAST is a pioneer and leader of Software Intelligence, defined as a collection of information about structures within software creation systems, architecture, structural features, shortcomings and shortcomings. concealed, mapped, measured, etc. The technology of CAST, derived from R & D's investment of nearly 200 million euros over 25 years, is engaged in software engineering with MRI medicine: a special research capability, t fast, invisible. and very detailed.
Major strategic consultancy companies and most IT service operators have deployed the technology of CAST to innovative service offerings, and hundreds of companies worldwide are responsible for providing high quality technology solutions. Software Software & 39 t at CAST. informed decision-making, productivity volumes, improved resilience and security, upgrading of the software products and acceleration of their digital transformation. For more information:

About the Dualchas Heritage Software: t Software Software was published in 2016 by Inria, the national research institute dedicated to the digital sciences: its aim is to collect, store and store software storage code present and future generations. Software Heritage has worked with UNESCO and is supported by business leaders, universities and government agencies across the world who share a common vision: the software resource code is an important part of cultural heritage and culture. human. as a necessary mediator to access any digital information.
By building a general and sustainable archive of original software code, Software Heritage will create the necessary infrastructure for science, business, and the wider community. Join the move on

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