Catholic teachers need to specify quotation contracts


Exterior view of the offices of the Catholic School Board in Calgary, Alta on Wednesday 11 March 2015. Jim Wells / Sun Sun Calgary / QMI Group

California Catholic School District Officers have confirmed that their teachers need to be signed by documents that propose to unify generic or generic relationships. breach of employment contracts, among controversy throughout the country over its usage.

But now that a Calgary teacher has given her case before the Alberta Human Rights Commission, LGBTQ applicants say that it will be challenged. In particular, since the NDP's Law is the legislation of every school to create GSAs for students who want that support.

"How can these contracts – these Catholics clauses – stand up when they are clearly different," said Kristopher Wells, whoAssociate Associate with the Faculty of Health and Community Studies at The University of McEwan.

"It's hard to believe that there is a legal unity marriage in 2018 in this country, that anyone could lose their job because of that."

Wells says that allowing such recordings to be used; teachers need to keep up "Catholic values", which include to # 39; engage in relationships that are appropriate according to the church, creating a dangerous environment of fear and exclusion not only among tutors but also young students.

"It's not a system that is directly supported by the church. It's a public education system with the help of taxpayers," said Wells.

"But do not ask, do not tell your mindset that creates feelings of stress, hope, where you need to stay silent for maintaining employment. That's the impact on teachers not only, but it's asking LGBTQ people to be the important models they need. "

According to the Catholic Catholic District of Calgary, every teacher needs to sign a contract that sets out a variety of expectations, and including living "lifestyle and separation in accordance with Catholic teaching and principles."

CCSD, Human Resources Supervisor Richard Svoboda, stated that "anyone who does not live as a way of life in keeping with the church is likely to have an impact on that.

"Relatives that suit the Catholic Church are identifying, which must be acknowledged by a Catholic priest."

Then Svoboda added, "that's does not include a common legal unity or relationship relationship."

Staff will be dealt with on a "case case" basis and encourages them to meet with a Catholic priest.

"It's not for me to prove if they are right or wrong in the eyes of the Catholic Church," said Svoboda. "We give them paths for arranging."

Svoboda said that he is aware of teachers who are particularly exposed in the system, but none of their posts have been completed.


But recently, the principal principle of the Catholic school Barb Hamilton, Barb Hamilton, has brought his case to the Human Rights Commission in Alberta, saying that she had to leave her vacancy due to her sexuality.

Wells said that there is a second ongoing human rights complaint that includes a LGBTQ teacher in Alberta who does not want to be identified.

In the last week, teachers in Edmonton and the Red Fingal have also raised concerns about how to get involved. record Catholic catholic records that give up their lifestyles and their; prevent them from being cautious.

Tonya Callaghan, a professor related to education at Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary, left his role as a Catholic school teacher to investigate institutional homophobia in the Catholic school system.

These contracts are inappropriately used to bring LGBTQ teachers, she said.

Schools do not use contracts to help you access certificates; using anti-control or living with her lovers, she said.

"We do not see news stories about that. Those things do not happen."

Wells is included if the United States Human Rights Commission in Alberta Find out that LGBTQ teachers are treated differently than teachers who just live with partners without marriage, the breach must go before the courts high.

– With files from Janet French, Edmonton Journal

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