Catia Paganote, Evandro Santo and Caique Aguiar are in the field; Who should stay? – TV Channel


Catia Paganote, Evandro Santo and Caique Aguiar are in Fazenda 10 farm
Catia Paganote, Evandro Santo and Caique Aguiar are in Fazenda 10 farm

The creation of plantations on the Farm on this Monday (26) began with Caique Aguiar, the Power of the Lighter proprietor, to choose Catia Paganote to give the red power. Leug then, what power meant: "The owner of this power must choose two sons, the Farmer can only mark one of them to the range. She chose Felipe Sertanejo and Evandro Santo. John, for his part, Evandro Santo.

+ The currently displayed staff member is & # 39; Simone and Simaria show that in the evenings: "I can not stand upright"

Following the voting start of the Treasury:

Rafael Island was surprised to vote for Catia Paganote.
Caique Aguiar was voting on Rafael Island and the launch of the Laser Blue Power series. He should vote for one other pen, different from the first vote. The sheep were cast out and Catia Paganote.
Catia Paganote was selected for Rafael Island.
Vote Evandro Santo for Caique Aguiar.
Felipe Sertanejo hit for Catia Paganote.

So Catia Paganote went to the farm. Finally, the final partner was selected in the removal scheme 1. He saved in Philip, the mummer rescued Rafael Island. So, Caique Aguiar finished in the field.

Now Caique, Catia and Evandro are in the field. This Tuesday (27) will take place on the Farmer's Format and a person who escape from her berlinda. Although this does not happen, vote on a Focus TV option vote. If you do not see, click here.


On Monday, November 26, there will be another format for the public to choose which participants will give the prize of R $ 1.5m in the future. However, what was the remarkable thing that the factual websites were that the reporter, Marcos Minor, would appear to use a dog.

+ With full schedule promises, Anitta tells her she has no time to look after herself and her. shoes: "Front alley"

The lumbar producer caught, but said that the truth would not stop for this: "I got the lumbar from today to now. I can not move, not to go up . I got in touch and the heaviest medications that you can think and with great medicine, I was able to pull myself to her car, lie down and come to Itapecerica. FARM will go to her. go now! "

+ Caique Aguiar talks to Evandro and her. complain: "You're trying, but I do not work"

"There is a problem in the life of the show that no one thinks. I've been counted here, all my life I've been living for 10 years a day! Who It's over 10 years without pyrrhines, fever, coming in … but I always wanted to do it and I did not make anyone who & # 39; note. Today, as it is a column, it is not hidden, "wrote its social networks.

According to Mion, her relationship was to her; mother-in-law who gave him the thing. On Twitter he gave a grateful video and said he did not; Can he lose another loss, because if not, could the partners make it happy?

(Picture: Reproduction / Table)
(Picture: Reproduction / Table)

The networkers were worried and made applications for their program. "People, Lots of little, @marcosmion are sitting to sit. I know how well I break the lumbar! Last week I put on me, every time that breaks me "Diprospan dubbed," said a seaweed. "Representation, chairman for the poor farmer as he can not stand. Be careful, Mionzinho. This pain is for a little," said another.


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