Cats and kittens have been abandoned in plastic vessels on the Alberta main road


Animal rescue groups look at owners of five cats and 10 kittens found on the main main road of Alberta this week.

The felines were rescued from ducted plastic vessels with duct failure.

The two vessels, with air holes that were wrapped in plastic, were found by a passenger on the plane; part of Highway 11 between Stettler and Erskine, along the rail roads.

The Grace Life Society saved the animals and moved to the care of the Alberta Rescue Development Association (AARCS) in Calgary.

According to Facebook's Grace Saving role, the kittens were seated in an inch of birds and peat when they were released.

Deanna Thompson, an executive director for AARCS, said that the animals were doing well and the kitchens are being treated for some respiratory illness.

"The adults look very healthy. They seem to have been someone's pet at any time. They are not too heavy. They are very friendly," she said.

Thompson said he did not know how long the cats were in the vessels, but the ship was sent to the group saying that the locks were aware of these vessels in the Monday ditch but they did not look closer.

The cats are well fed and friendly, which are a sign that they are like house pets, says Deanna Thompson, AARCS executive director. (Save the Grace Animal Society)

"We often hear of abandoned animals, let them take the side of the road, that kind of thing. But for somebody to gradually put them into vessels and then let them go the road, we've never seen anything like this, "said Thompson.

"There are many other options for cats to be restored as well as being dumped as a diagonal."

Thompson said the cats are kept so they can prove if the cats are owned by someone, they may be up to adoption.

The SPCA Alberta is researching.

Animal rescue groups are hoping that someone will recognize the cats, vessels or inscriptions on the stones, so that they can help to identify who the animals leave. (Save the Grace Animal Society)

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