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Cathay, Minh "Cau Muoi", Chau Phat Lai Em, Hung "crazy" … at the same time Wanderers market, in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Each name is related to the famous news in this area and it is said to be the "oven" in Cau Muoi Market created by the leaders.

Stowage storage, download and & # 39; down, drive

When the Nguy # n Senate opened in a & # 39; In the south, they built a warehouse at the Ben Nghe pier (now known as Nguyen Thai Hoc Street) as a tax and freight center. , HCMC). Here, many boats carry goods, food from the West and South East to collect as a broadcast throughout the areas.

Many of the Chinese workers and workers from across the country were so scarce enough to set up the bothy to establish the long-standing Market of Cocktail Market. Growth of shops in the Cua Muoi market, smaller and market, was the largest number of products; progressing significantly. Including businesses are in business; start to happen. At this time, groups of small groups will appeal to & # 39; loading goods, the business also needs to protect the business. Black power started with hothead names appearing. From there, a flying knife, sticks, guns between gangs and gangs; traveling around the area as food. The right people need to be very wild to live in this wild area.

Muoi Salt Closure Mark - Picture 1

Marketers in Cau Muoi (Area 1, HCMC) have a peaceful life

Since 1950-1965, Cau Muoi market was the "Bund" in Vietnam. Le Le Dai Cathaidh (Dai Cathay), who is the leader of the "Four Heavenly Kings", which most children, retaining most of the restaurants, hotels, drug stores, a dance floor in the middle of Saigon. Hon. He was only 20 years old, but Dai Cathay was a famous leader. At the same time, it was discovered that Cau Muoi was able to do business. Dai Cathay collaborated with Seven Si (Nam Cam's brother) to open casinos within a market. The strength of Cathay Dai is growing, and, make the government of Saigon "an amazing thing". Dai Cathay was arrested and held at Phu Quoc prison at 26.

Then, the bridge market collapsed in the hands of Nguyen Van Minh ("Bridge Salt" Minh). This man built an empire with hundreds of young people, as well as organizing passenger business activities that were over the carrier, truck driver. According to the rules, Salt Salt offers: "General benefit, there is a stall, we are there."

After 1975, many of the evil areas in Saigon were destroyed by police, but then a new headquarters emerged to get a hidden blood when the Cau Muoi market became the headquarters of the Wanderers . After helping to kill the "nine meters" hand, Cau Muoi market fell into Chau Phat Lai Em – Cam cam bheag. This headteacher would have to be the entertainers, a small business for their children 's group to go to; offer a tender and pay monthly bills.

Tourism changes

In order to hamper the groups to discharge the "underground law" to enjoy behind small businesses, the HCM City police has given strength to the police force for Cau Ong Lanh 4 times greater than h-uàrdan. Other. The reason is to capture the mind, information from small market traders in Cau Muoi. From the motivation of the people, the police force invited each of the Wanderers to work, encouraging them to change their minds, if the law is still taken to reform. Things change gradually.

Until 2003, when Ho Chi Minh City's policy relies on Cau Muoi's market to Thu Duc, the situation is calm. Since then, the Cau Muoi market has moved to a new page.

Muoi Salt Closure Mark - Picture 2.

Mark "Close Muoi Market" as if they wanted to save the old memories

In mid-November 2018, we will return to & # 39; market to find the "old source" sound. The old Cau Muoi market is a busy place with many high buildings, restaurants, quiet hotels. The market is now on the four sides but the lines of pipe business are full of items, but leaving the vegetable counts and small meat.

Ms. Vo Thi Tam – a stall proprietor in Co Giang Street, has spent 3 generations as a wind of three general travelers here – said: 2 years ago, headquarters in the 1990s, weak and lost. Since the Cau Muoi market was cleaned, there is no such as a safe stallar as it was before. "" So what's a Wanderers at Market na Salt? "VNDm to get in to a traveler that comes here for my money. Here's the tourist site to visit, learn. Settlers will rent hotels in Bui Vien, De Tham every evening or walk here to photograph, learn the old memories in the Cau Muoi market.

Police Cau Ong Lanh said the security and order of security in the area is usually more stable because of the closeness of the people and authorities. The Gauntlet groups are no longer the ones that were older in this area. Part of drug drugs in the area is not much. When you find, just the things that are & # 39; going to attack, but very few have registered in the ward.

Small traders are tough

Chief of Cau Ong Lanh said that the police of his Ward had moved to his / her; market, that are not reduced and downloadable, small businesses and travelers now live on land, spread everywhere. Sometimes spiritual robberies are generally general, the market area is very peaceful. However, many families in the Cau Muoi area still have difficulties. These are the small merchants on both sides of the Ong Lien bridge, due to their living, and fighting on their; fuel, and so when they tried to revive the campaign on the # 39; platform, they would be struggling to make a living.

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