Causes for "saliva runny" and a medicine method


Write me – Mena Nafi:

The saliva fall is normal, but if it happens permanently and greatly it can be a sign of disease in the body. Here, we know the reasons behind this situation, and handle them, depending on the location of their location; British Guardian newspaper.

1. Why does saliva happen?

In sleep, muscles in the face are calm, even in the case of a swallowing case, it is very comfortable and slow, a saliva gathering in the sleep while, and coming out of his mouth slowly by going to her; muscle rest and crop muscles.

People who suffer from health problems such as stroke and heart disease can cause excessive leakage, a signal of unusual disease or nasal density.

How to reduce or prevent saliva runny?

1 – Drinking hot drinks to help you remove your sinus and relax them in a healthy way.


One of the main causes of salivation is a nasal barrier, which can breathe the person through the mouth and can lead to saliva runny, and get rid of sinus problems you can follow the following:

1 – Hot water flowing to help you & # 39; Breathe in normal, especially in the pre-bedtime.

2 – use of nasal spinning, which helps to expand the airways and its; stop refusing the nose.

2. Change your sleep mode:

Change the sleeping situation

Changing the condition can always stop the saliva from getting out of your mouth in an unusual way. You can sleep on your back. This situation is & # 39; means that the saliva stays in the mouth. You can swallow it. Sleep on the right or left can break the saliva from your mouth. If you have no sleeping place, you can only keep your body stable.

3. The sleep apnea:

Apnea to sleep

Some people get short of breath or breath the breath, which is very small. continue to sleep loose, to wake up regularly at night, tired and tired in the morning, and day-to-day trouble.

One of the main causes of sleep apnea is to snoring. If you are suffer from this constantly and in a way that distress you, you should visit your doctor to talk about it and describe the appropriate remedy for the situation. Some of the main causes of elevation, which cause smoking and the stomach and psychological situation.

4. Emphasis of stress:

Increase stress

Too much essential is a crucial part of your sleep process, and more than half of the population in the US are experiencing; suffering from sleeping apnea is too heavy. So you need to arrange a healthy meal, and keep away from eating wild meals, especially at dinner.

5. Use medical devices:

Use of medical devices

Your doctor may advise you to get the right machine for your mouth, which helps reduce salivary salivary. These may be available when dentists work better to close their mouth or help to swallow, help you get better sleeping.

6. Make sure you take the appropriate item:

Make sure you bring the appropriate medication to you

If you make any medication, make sure it does not cause excessive saliva product, as there are some antibiotics that cause salivary saliva.

7. Surgeon:


Occasionally, doctors may recommend surgery and glands, and they usually do it; happens when brain problems are hidden behind the saliva. Before doing so, there is any doctor to try to unacceptable methods first and only to; Provides surgery if there is no response and a continuous situation.

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