Causes of severe growth and long-term problems


High blood pressure is the situation that occurs when your blood pressure readings are between 140 and 90 and above these rates over a number of weeks.

If you suffer from high blood pressure depending on the site " spread"This increase puts extra pressure on its blood vessels and blood vessels, and over time increases the heart attack or stroke risk.

High blood pressure can also cause heart disease and kidney disease and is closely related to some weaknesses.

Causes for high blood pressure
Causes for high blood pressure

Signs and signs of poor growth

There are usually no signs or symptoms in active flu, so the only way to find out if you're getting high blood pressure is to measure it.

However, no high reading means high blood pressure. There are many things to affect your blood pressure during the day, so your doctor will have a number of blood express readings to see if they are high over time.

People suffering from high blood pressure often say they have a headache.

Symptoms of blood pressure
Symptoms of blood pressure

Causes for high blood pressure

For most people, there may be no more reason for high blood pressure, and although not just causing high blood pressure, there are several reasons why a & # 39; Increase the risk of serious adverse effects if:

  • Eat a lot of salt.

  • Do not eat fruit and vegetables enough.

  • Do not use a medium moder.

  • Owner is too heavy.

  • Give a lot of alcohol.

Additional causes for high blood pressure
Additional causes for high blood pressure

Additional causes for high blood pressure

Some of the factors that increase your risk of high blood pressure and can not control them:

Age: Depending on age, the influence of unhealthy lifestyle can accumulate and cause high blood pressure.

Family History: Your family members are more at risk of having high blood pressure.

Some people with other medical conditions may have a high blood pressure, such as kidney problems, so medication can be stressed by a lower degree of blood pressure.

High blood pressure impact on its & # 39; body
High blood pressure impact on its & # 39; body

The effect of high blood pressure on your health

High blood pressure can be a serious health problem for you in the future. High blood pressure can affect your body in a variety of ways:


High blood pressure can cause heart and heart failure.


Bad cause is a major cause of strokes, and is closely linked to some weaknesses.


High blood pressure can lead to drowsiness.


Obstruction can cause arterial disease, which affects the casualty.

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