CBOT Treasures – Fairy fairies down 5-8 cents, oats down 1 cent, wheat up 4-6 cents | Agricultural Tasks


CHICAGO, November 26 (Reuters) – Sustainability is an international trading prospect for commercial opening and trading at the Chicago Trade Board at 8:30 a.m. CST (1430 GMT) Monday.

A CREATIVE – Up 4 to 6 cents per bushel

* The wheat that has been seen rises according to the hopes of exports. There was a concern that Russia's tension between Russia and Ukraine would restrict ferry carriers from the leading suppliers of the Black Sea, Expect expectations for US supplies.

* Chicago Trade Board The winter winter wheat times found in December were supported overnight at a five-day mobile average. A 30-day mobile daily was reported to be reported.

* CBOT Wheat in December sold up to 6-1 / 2 cents at $ 5.06-1 / 4 per bushel. K.C. Hard steel hard wheat in December was 3 cents higher at $ 4.64-1 / 4 bushel and MGEX Wheat in December spring was 5-3 / 4 cent at $ 5.80.

CORN – Set down to 1 cent per bushel

* The harvesting of corn is constantly visible to poor among abundant and long-term resources; And the autumn will stretch around the Midwest of the USA. But some part of buying bargain, a short cover to limit market decline. Wheat strength also supports its support.

* A contract is at present risk of lower corn since October 1 during trade overnight.

* The CBOT December corn was a 1/2 cent trading transaction at $ 3.58-1 / 2 per bushel.

SOYBEANS – Down 5 to 8 cents per bushel

* A trade war causes good peace down by 1 per cent during a trading session overnight. Traders waiting for speeches from US President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping later this week.

* In China, China's exporter of China opened a double exchange in October from a previous year, Monday's custom data appeared.

* CBOT Co-signals January The average daytime, day-day, 40-day and 50-day day-to-day transfer contract was reduced overnight overnight.

* CBOT January, pussies made 7-1 / 4 cents trading at $ 8.73-3 / 4 bushel. (Reciting Mark Weinraub; Editing by Jeffrey Benkoe)

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