CD Projekt RED believes Red Dead Redemption 2 is a reference


In addition to what you have achieved Grand Theft Auto V In this generation of consonants, that is the truth Dead Dead Solution 2 The work of Rockstar Games was ready to take advantage of the PS4 and Xbox One capabilities, which was reinforced and identified after launching a few weeks ago. Little by little, the new title Rockstar is beginning to be; affecting its business and business; name Projekt RED CD recently on the west, to consider for example to & # 39; Follow for the titles they create, in particular Cyberpunk 2077.

During a meeting with investors, CD Projekt RED, they addressed a number of issues related to the current location of its company and the future image that is intended to launch Cyberpunk 2077. In this way, Adam Kiciński's magazine bought about launching Dead Dead Solution 2 -Take Take-Two and Rockstar as a straightforward competitors and take lessons in the development process Cyberpunk 2077. In this regard, the response of the general manager: "Certainly, quality is of paramount importance, we try to show games so horrible Dead Dead Solution 2 and the recent solutions made to Rockstar in general. On the way, the game is so great and we're supporting it because there are very good reviews and it's successful. What does that teach us? He instructs us that we need to launch amazing games and our plans, of course. The players, apparently, tend to focus more and more on successful performances. "

Later on, Adam Kiciński thought that representations of that level are needed that some of the players have had a lot of time to enjoy their knowledge to the greatest extent, making the companies offer the best possible way to achieve their expectations: "there is a lot of time that a person may be responsible for videogame, but even though their community grows , it can not stretch a time. There are a lot of good games, and although it is longer, they enjoy it to be one of the best ones and so you will get a good bar of piece, from a business perspective. The same can not be said for the small leagues. In short, we support Rockstar, which is Dead Dead Solution 2 and we are pleased to see excellent games still selling them well. "

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