CDC now confirms 116 cases of polio-like paralysis


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Le Maggie Fox

At least 116 people, most children, were confirmed by the polio-like condition called myelitis acne flaccid, federal medical officials said Monday.

The Centers for Controlling and Disease Transaction say that it analyzes 286 cases of AFM, which is a. 2018 on the way to become a busy year for issues of the small system understood.

"Up to now in 2018, there are 116 confirmed AFM cases in 31 states," the CDC said in its latest update.

The CDC says that AFM does not yet have a proverb, which is marked by fatigue or paralysis caused by damage to the backbone. But the type caused by viruses is often the damage. Although most patients have not been diagnosed with a single virus, a virus of viruses known as enteroviruses is a major serious suspicion – especially a man by her; name EV-D68.

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