Cebu Pacific is holding a special event to return home to Filipinos in Hong Kong


Cebu Pacific has been the largest bidder in Philippines, its Hong Kong route anniversary with a "boodle fight" lunch for a Filipino community in Hong Kong, led by the famous blogger and digital "Kulas", Jennerman of Telling Filipino.

Hong Kong is the first ever international trading route for Cebu Pacific, when it has been launched. The first Manila-Hong Kong-Manila tour was launched on November 22, 2001. In 17 years, Cebu Pacific has flew almost 9 million travelers between the Philippines and Hong Kong West The airline Stretching to Hong Kong from four of his seven centers in the Philippines, & # 39; It is Manila, Clark, Cebu and Iloilo.

At this time, Cebu Pacific maintains 60% of its capacities between Philippine travelers; serving Hong Kong.

"Homecoming" was a theme at the shows, clarified by the Osang story, Filipino working in Hong Kong who appeared in the Cebu Pacific "Make the first time that happened". The Osang story, known as "First Kiss," shows a mid-century woman working in Hong Kong who has a " Books went out just to see his first grandson and kiss for his & her; first time. The story of Osang comes from comments posted by a webmaster in the Cebu Pacific Facebook page.

To enable today's warrior as an Osangto to fly home, Cebu Pacific has a " make travel more accessible and accessible by browsing fares and a wide range of destinations. The airline is showing how it is; allows all "First-Time" to be done by & # 39; offers the largest number of territories for destinations with a large collection of Filipino communities, which are consistent with the low fares throughout the year.

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