Ceferin and Agnelli in Brussels refused the opportunity for a league


"There is no chance for a super League," said Ceferin at a news conference with Agnelli, and recently denied reports that some of the key agencies are expected to have a " Get involved actively this year. "When we contacted big club producers, everyone told us that there were no big discussions. Nine-nine of us said they did not even know about it e. "

The same thing was reinforced by Agnelli, who guesses its command; societies of 200 of the largest football clubs in Europe: "What has been shown is that a league appears. From Eca's side and also of Juventus, which I am also a & # 39; representing as president, it is important to say that there was no talk about this year. "

Ceferin and Agnelli stated that the European and Uefa clubs were willing to continue to develop European football development at a press conference after the meeting with the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Tibor Sport Navracsics. "We have told the Commissioner that European football is unified," said Ceferin.

Der Spiegel's German recital in the beginning of November as part of the Football Football football football team, which brings together 15 media in 12 European countries, documents have been confirmed that the European club was expected to be able to; establishing a private competition that began to start in 2021 European League.

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