Ceferin on Super League: Here's just dreams


President of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Alexander Ceferin says that the richest league football teams in the world or Super League will not formally.

Aleksandar Ceferin

Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

Spiegel of Germany said 16 of the highest and most prestigious European football clubs to create a new competition that would be completely independent of the European football competition group and who was completely settled.

"The Super League, just a dream, does not happen. We have some ideas, but what I can say at this time is not Super League, they all have the opportunity to be competing in the team team, " UEFA President said Alasdair CeferinSouth Westerly

"It will be richer and richer, but we want to tackle this problem. We want to significantly reduce the difference between the clubs, because it's very difficult to stop the differences growing financial in European football " Ceferin added.

The first European football player said it's essential that teams in the best and most strong football clubs competitions; Promoting good sports promotion and not money.

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