Ceferin on the events of Slovenia, the League of Nations, VAR and Super League


President of the European Football Federation (Uefa), Aleksander Čeferin, said he was dissatisfied today in Brussels with the work of the League of Nations team, who was more than expected. It is a bit more happy with the fact that Slovenia is entering the lowest level of the competition.

"My heart is not to say that Slovenia has dropped to a lower league,"

Slovenia's 51-year-old Slàinteinia Solicitor told an episode on the showcase of Slovenia in six games of the third game in the league C in three league and three-game games.

Slovenia, Miha Zajc

League of Nations


Slovenia ended the race without winning




Benedejčič did his own, who was soon able to appoint Keka?

Alasdair Ceferin

Since the reign of Uefa in September 2016, he examined the introduction of a new national production competition, which replaced the friendly games, and evaluated that his / her group already above what was expected, as it established the interests of national and small teams.

"We are always complaining to big countries that they have not played enough games and complaints from small countries are constantly getting bad because they play against Now we have an exciting form of competition, which is also a way of being suited to the European Championship, particularly important for teams in the D League, who were in the past. left their right certificate options, "

he said.

He also said that all the reagents to the new form are a great competition.

"I know that some of the biggest teams are disappointed, because they have fallen to a lower degree, such as Slovenia, but this is part of the sport, which makes it so interesting."

At today's news conference, Ceferin also gave the opportunity to introduce video technology to video technology in European competitions before the start of the next season.

VAR videotechnology

With delay


VAR got the way into one of the strongest campaigns

As the 51-year-old lawyer in Slovenia said, he expects a report of the group, which is headed by the head of the Uefa Magistrates Committee

Roberto Rosetti,

about the provisions of introducing this technology into European competitions.

The main issues that Uefa are trying to solve before the introduction of the introduction relates to the preparation of the judges and the settlement of all technical issues, he explained.

"I expect a report from this group in the coming week, and then we will analyze when we can enter the system. At the latest , this is the next season, "

he told reporters.

aleksander čeferin



Ceerin and his / her society have decided to make a VAR

The President of the European Clubs Club (Eca) added his statement

Andrea Agnelli,

which said at a joint news conference that it is also possible to introduce a VAR system early.

"Here, the clubs are very excited and we can only thank Uefa for the work they are doing in this area."

Uefa has still been officially refused to be able to introduce videogame technology in European competitions this year. British Officer


He said in August that this technology could be introduced by the end of the season, with the Welsh League's seasonal games.

Alasdair Ceferin

The European League


Ceferin presented when VAR was introduced

At a joint news conference with Andrea Agnelli, the president of the European Clubs Club (Eca), a special speech on the development of the integrated European football development and the plans set out for a private league campaign of the The most affluent clubs created under the name of superliga. Both were strongly opposed to the last resort.

"There is no chance for a superlink,"

Ceferin said at a news conference with Agnelli, and recently denied reports that some of the key organizations should be actively involved in this year's trade.

"When we contacted big club representatives, everyone told us that there were no big discussions. Ninety percent per cent told us they did not know anything about it."

aleksander čeferin



Ceferin's first answer to the league

The same thing was reinforced by Agnelli, who guesses its command; Societies of 200 of the largest football clubs in Europe:

"What is the creation of a superleague creativity. From Eca's side and also of Juventus, which I represent as president, it is important to say that there was no lecture in about this year. "

Both Ceferin and Agnelli at their press conference after the meeting with her; European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport

Tibor Navracsics,

to emphasize the preparation of European and UEFA clubs to continue to & # 39; developing the development of European football.

"We have told the Commissioner that European football is unified,"

said Ceferin.


Der Spiegel

which was reported in early November that they are part of the research journalism partnership

Jump to football,

which brings together 15 media centers in 12 European countries, has opened up documents to confirm that the European club is expected to be very successful in establishing a private competition since 2021 onwards from the League of -Expan. It is said that this is about this year.

aleksander čeferin



The European Connections Association gave Cheferin support

Today's purpose is to go to; The European Commission visited the decision that Uefa and Eca would going to cooperate in the sustainable development of European football in the coming years, and, according to the two football officers, it was designed before the German newspaper was published on the proposed plans for the league.

At the meeting, Ceferin and Agnelli Navracsics noted the content of the resolution letter between UEFA and Eco, in which both groups say they are willing to cooperate.

Agnelli said, among other things, that the clubs are involved in a joint venture about asking for the extra commitments that Bigbies used did not use rugby clubs to develop their situation in UEFA talks. who is guide European competitions and related copyright sales Post-

"We already have something to play clubs such as Juventus, Bayern, Anderlecht and others,"

he said.

Andrea Agnelli and Alasdair Ceferin Author: Profimedia


Accordingly, this commitment will be strengthened once again when Eca's representatives get their place in the board of directors of this company, in accordance with the plans.

"This should be a sufficient commitment for every club that the competition development should move to the interests of their interests. This should not only be economic … as we should recognize social value to represent major clubs in the world's most important sports. "

So, it is expected that Uefa and Eca will consider collaboration after 2024, when the agreements come up with them; already exists to finalize European competitions. One of the key objectives in the period after 2024 is to transform the competition calendar, with clubs that want more international games.

At today's meeting, Navracsics responded to the press release, which welcomed the intention of Uefa and Eca to address the biggest football issues.

"I am sure that a successful partnership in the spirit of good governance is a rule, not just for European football but also for our wider society,"

the Commissioner said.

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