Celeste Buckingham has a problem: this beauty is pulled! (Picture)


Our successful singer of Slovakia Celeste Buckingham (23) he needs to make more effort now. Although it is well preserved, its competition is growing. And right in the family.

Paris Carmel (20) is said to be a new search for a Slovakic perspective. The true name is Carmel Buckingham, a charming voice, and he is a younger sister of Cheleste.

VIDEO: Carmel Park is so beautiful to sing

Recently she decided to move from the USA back to Slovakia. The talented artist will plan a lot of legend, promises new singles and music collaboration. This week, she gave the public a live version of the same newest single.

"The decision to move to Slovakia came naturally. Little by little back to
Celeste moved to Europe and her parents. I felt that I was lost and pulled behind him, and I decided to change that, "said Carmel about the birth of his new life and the art.

She has been working in Slovakia in style, playing in galaprogram
The Crystal Wing on January 27 in the duet with Andrea Zimanyi, in which she first introduced the siege in Sliabh. For a few weeks he will release one new series called Smoke Break.

More pictures of Phara Carmel and Celeste can be found in the photo gallery.

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Picture: Mino Debnar, Pluska.sk

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