Celine Dion tells stories & # 39; Toyboy by Pepe Munoz


Celine Dion says that Pepe Munoz is just his "best friend".

The thoughts of Think Two, with the girlfriend Rene Angelil, have died in 2016 – has been accompanying her everywhere with the dancer for the last two years and although the band is fast at "grow" and it's & # 39; treated as a gentleman, 50 years A singer is very strong, she is "single".

She said: "We were just like friends, we had a long time. It would become more.

"But when people started photography and how it was, and what person? Rene? And we do not do everything.

"We are friends, we are good friends. Indeed we are carrying hands and holding hands and going out, so people Seeing that. I mean, it's a nobleman. It gives me his hand to go out. "

To ask if she is single, she said: "I am."

But Celine – who has Rene-Charles, 18 and a couple of eighteen-year-olds Nelson and Eddy with her late husband – say that she does not. Memories of her relationship with Pepe.

She said: "I do not remember because it's beautiful and my best friend is."

The striker & My Heart Will Go On & # 39; has also drawn attention to her new style style and she says she does not "try to take opportunities" because she just wants to see "sexy".

She told The Sun newspaper: "I do this for me. I want to have a strong, beautiful, feminine, and crazy feeling.

"If I like it, I do not want to talk about it. Do not worry. No picture."

Celine turned on this March 50 March and he accepts his & # 39; new chapter of life.

She said: "It's completely new. I'm like to get a second wind – 50 has been good for me."

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