Cells & Killer & # 39; boosting a flu vaccine


Scientists said they had detected cells of protection that could fight with viruses; Flu vaccine is known as those who have been known as "superb" that can be a vague vaccine against a fatal disease.

Hundreds of thousands of people kill each year, depending on the World Health Organization. Due to a variety of types, vaccine formula needs to be updated regularly and very little protection is currently provided.

Researchers in Australia reported that "T fatal cells" – found in more than half of the world's population – proved to be effective in the fight of all common flu species.

This means that the cells may be used to develop a totally untreated fat that has not been necessary to change every year, and even to be effective in people who do not possess them naturally.

"Flu viruses are constantly going on to protect the protection of our system, and they are very diverse, which is not impossible to be pre- telling her and her vaccination against the illness that will bring the next disease pandemic, "said Marios Koutsakos, a researcher at the University of Melbourne Doherty Institute.

Cell cells are white cells in T cells; removing her body to scan for irregularities and diseases. They are essential for human protection against a number of bacteria and aggression viruses.

T "fatal" cells are known especially because they are able to directly attract and kill cells with other diseases.

Koutsakos and his colleagues were using beauty-spiceship – a scanning method that can help to & # 39; removal of molecular-based molecules – to identify parts of the virus across all types of influenza, and have realized that T cells can be fatal to affect Effective changes to influenza A, B and C. effectively

Influenza is particularly dangerous for older people, children and people with immigrant protection systems, as well as some ethnic groups that have never improved defensive responses to illness.

The team behind the search has been found, and researchers said they were hoping they would be able to develop their "evolution of flu vaccination" to the effect of pandemic and seasonal flu around the world ".

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