Census – A blind woman to beating her husband seeking protection so she can not get rid of her prison Terms of Use


The woman who was convicted of her boyfriends, in 2011, asked the General Authorities of the General Purchaser of Buenos Aires, to protect herself and her children, before she started her Awareness, refuses to surrender to psychological treatment on a sexual violence issue.

It is about it Susana Gómez, who suffered both retina when her husband, Carlos Ariel Goncharuk, sometimes hit the head against the kitchen wall of the house where she and her 4 children lived, in the town of Lisandro Olmos, Buenos Aires, La Plata. In 2015, worth a & # 39; Goncharuk court to mouth test to 8 years in prison.

The invasion opens to make psychological remedies.

The victim had refused the person 13 times during the 9 years of evacuation, and at the time of the attack the opposition made a limited amount of limitation; prevent him from coming near her.

"When I started to say this person (Goncharuk), I still saw, and you did not listen (describing the Branch of the Divisional People), and today I do not see more ", Gómez said today at his meeting of the Attorney General's complaint; Fiscal in Buenos Aires, where he was not received by the owner Julio Conte Grand, but with a colleague, Gustavo Campos.

Selena Gomez asked for defense justice.

"I'm making them responsible for everything that happens to me" warning, who said Campos himself promised "take the necessary steps".

Susana Gómez spoke a week ago with his Criminal Offender judge number 2 of La Plata, José Villafañeand tell him "Goncharuk does not want to cure and can not strengthen" and even say to him "ready when he left (Goncharuk), take care of".

Gómez is currently working as a telephone worker at the High Court of Justice of Buenos Aires, according to the disability limit, and has 4 children with an aggression, aged between 13 and 8, who refused to connect do with the father.

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