Central banks should be able to consider cryptomania emissions


Central banks should be able to think about the subject of digital money because we are in a time when money is changing, and think that Christine Lagard, head of International Money Fund (IMF).

Wednesday Lagarda spoke (14th November) with a talk at the Fintech Singapore Show. She raised the importance of the remote nature of the money and indicated that the demand for money across the world is now in decline. The central banks, accordingly, are responsible for delivering money to the digital economy.

"I think they should consider being able to bring digital money out," said Lagarde. The digital money that is distributed with a central bank can help in & # 39; Increasing financial inclusion and paying payments as cheap and effective cash money.

But Lagarda warned of the dangers associated with cryptomas. "I just want to say that, although there are no universal cryptomatic support arguments, we should examine it intensively, carefully and creatively."

Change traditional work

Central banks around the world explore how the increase in unpaid payments can affect their traditional work. pushing money and money management guidance. Lagarda warned that Chinese and Canadian banks, Sweden, Sweden and Uruguay have taken this change and try to think about how they will provide digital money to the public.

For example, the Slovenian middle bank (Riksbank) is planning a draft pilot of the # 39; e-kron digital money was launched in 2019. Sweden is one of the countries where money is used largely. According to the most recent research, Riksbank does not use only 13% squeeze to buy in the # 39; shop.

Investments in commercial banks are already digital, but the government may be covered by the government, as money is currently, Lagarde said. Digital money can come in the form of currency of the state property or by a census held directly by a central bank.

Distributed as bitcoin and others, on the other hand, there is another option to be removed, which means that they are not under the control of any central authority. Lagarde said that the belts that were astonished with confidence in technology were incredible. "Relevant governance is still a trusted figure," the IMF's leader thinks.

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